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Weighted Pullups


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I have found weighted pullups to be a great grip exercise.

I guess it is similar to a pinch in that it can be isometric or dynamic.

Best of all you control the progression with the weight on your belt.


(not me in pic)

I do regular stuff like reverse curls, wrist curls, hammer curls and plate pinches and have a set of grippers.

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Well I wouldn't say they are particularly good for grip strength unless you are doing a ridiculous amount of weight as the bar is generally skinny and doesnt rotate. I do them to train for one arm pull ups i'm up to 170bw +135 from slightly above dead hang. Here is a vid of me doing one of my first one arm chins

i can do them with less body movement now.
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Done with rolling thunders or thick bars (2") will improve your grip strength. Else, on regular bars, I doubt.

Forget about pinch grip, thumbs are not involved while using a bar. To improve pinch grip while doing pullups, I would suggest doing them on rafters or using pinch blocks attached to the bar.

Brad Johnson has written a wonderfull book about this :


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A good belt makes a world of difference. The ironmind belt in the top picture is a high quality durable piece.

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A belt like that would rock, im stuck using the gym belt at the moment and the chain keeps messing up my shirts by pinching them and putting holes in them all in the same spot aha

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