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Locked Dec 26th


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Well, they PM'd me and asked why it was locked early on. The only post the person made (was it their only?) was the post of their feat. I told them about the rule.

Plus, they used the GB as a personal messenger.

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Here is my opinion, just an opinion from one person:

If no proof is forthcoming after a reasonable time (one

month?) then the original post should be deleted. Why

have references to such matters; references which offer

only unsubstantiated claims? What good comes of leaving

locked posts to be readable?

Just asking.

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What about the claim for 285 on the RT which Tom put up in regards to Josh Bigger?

The only reason I didn't lock that one was as I said in a post: Using lifts to one up someone in that thread and get the final word so it can be locked is bunk. Anyone does that again, and they will be put on a vacation from the GripBoard.

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Sorry about that Mobster,no disrespect intended...I felt his first time/first touch closure of the number 3 was being 'taken away'.........for his use of the HAMMER gripper?IF :D IT(the training lift) happened?IT doesn't matter as I guess- from the top of the food chain -I have gathered that ONLY competition lifts matter.We'll see who shows up in Burlington. :D ?(and i know it's too far way for you unless we beef up the grize money-which hopefully will happen).

Won't happen again.

We are taking a few weeks off.No more reports on Josh Biggers training.....maybe some pics from time to time.

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Pics would be welcome.


FWIW, I agree on the time limit thing. Maybe if pics become available after a certain time period has elapsed then the thread can be recovered - I don't know if that would be possible though.

Edited by The Mac
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I have gathered from many e-mails and PM's that others would like to hear about his training. :D Obviously it can't all be photographed and it is so diversified(and spontneous)it's hard to catch.

The pics?It's a technology thing at this time.And up to Josh......

I may get a digital camera and figure out a way to put up an occasional pic within my post...'Old guy' does this from time to time.Come to think of it 'Old Dude' recently did the same thing.

I printed out that thread(Josh has 'no use for the Internet' :D ) and I guess as a grip/strength newbie he was suprised....SO... other than some pics that have already been sent....??

Everything is cool with us..take a break and get back to training grip in a few weeks..... :cool

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