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Joe Kinney's Use Of Wrist Wraps For Negatives


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I don't know if this topic has been discussed before, but here goes. I was watching Joe Kinney's video this morning. This point blew past me in previous viewings, but I noticed that Joe mentioned that he used wrist wraps when he did heavy negatives with his gripper. When I powerlifted, I would make a tight fist and wrap my wrists, giving a much more secure grip for my deadlift attempts. Has anyone else used wrist wraps in doing gripper negatives? Would you consider this "cheating"?

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Guest Mikael Siversson

Wrist wraps are not allowed in the Löddeköpinge Grip Challenge, but this is competition. I would personally consider it cheating if it was used during certification.

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I think Kinney used his wrist straps for support... which makes me wonder about that also, since he has very strong wrists. :blink

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