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Kerckhaert Ssp "000" 18x8mm


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I had this shoe frozen at 90 degrees from my first attempt. Wrapped it up last night and the crushdown was surprisingly easier than the kink. Crushdown was around diamond bronco 000 difficulty. I was hoping that it would be a little harder.

Here it is next to a diamond plain bronco "000"


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David, excellent performance! i guess all the hard work u have been doing was for a reason!...


Thank you Hugo. I've been doing alot of crushdown work lately and defined my technique for small shoes. I still have alot of work to do to catch up to my kink. Today I kinked a kerckhaert SN "000" front clipped 20x8mm to just shy of 90. My crush is waay behind but it is getting better. It's a slow process but it is moving forward

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Excellent bend, David!

So maybe this shoe isn't the next step up from the Bronco... I look forward to trying it, though.

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Those little shoes are terrible, I hate them. That is a very nasty bend David you are still tearing ahead progressing on the shoe bending.

I am also surprised the kerckhaert shoes are usually very strong for the size relative to other brands. I have noticed there can be differences between the kink and crush on shoes of the same type from whatever metallurgy or temper variance they might have. I think depending on where the strength or weakness is distributed it can make different parts of the bend unusually hard or easy compared to the norm. I'm just saying you can't judge the true placement of this shoe by the weaker crush from 1 sample. Try some more some time if you can and see if they feel the same.

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Thanks Tim. My experience is that not all kerckhaert are strong for it's size. It depends on the model. Usually the small shoes like the Sx7 for example is quite strong for it's size. But the SSP, SN, ST, DF, WH wich have theese bigger shoes is pretty normal in strength for it's size.

Maybe it's physics too since theese shoes are abit more rounded so they turn up more flat than other shoes. This is perhaps making the crushdown easier.

Eric. I think this shoe is above the bronco. The crushdown was easyish but it has a respectible kink.

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