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Question Of Grippers

Tom of Iowa2

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Genuinely curious about this.Not trying to stir things up.

Wade mentioned it in both his posts...so obviously it has something to do with gripper closures?

What do you guys mean that the gripper fits into his hand nicely?or correctly or whatever the terms used was?What would hand size have to do with it?(assumeing ones hand was not too small or too big -as in say Andre the Giants would be?)

As I understand it-from a witness(other than josh)- the entire process took less than a minute.He put it in his hand,didn't fumble around with it ,wasted no time and shut it.Witness said he didn't move it around or posision it or anything.Animal cage was another witness...and is more of a grip expert than Josh or my friend...perhaps he knows more about it.

I really do NOT know what it means.Is there a perfect size hand for a gripper?

Josh said he compared hands with Schoonveld and Schoonvleds were a little longer- IF this is relevant?Witness snapped a photo of them compareing forearms and said it appeared that Josh's forearm length was about the same-as schoonvelds- and perhaps Josh's forearm was larger(witness also noted josh's forearm was more vascular and that with Josh's dark skin it may have just 'appeared 'larger as darker skin tone and more definition MAY create this illusion)

I am Just repeating physical description to learn more about leverage advantages of the forearms and hand size relevance....

However from what i have read about Schoonveld's Rolling Thunder? that Josh may be a bit ahead of him on the Rolling Thunder...again even with Josh having a slightly smaller hand.So what IS the perfect size hand?And without sounding too ignorant how does one position it for optimum closure power.

My hand is about 1/3 an inch shorter than josh's and appears wider-fist to fist my hand is broader-the entire lenght of my hand is much less 'fingers length' than his.I have a long and wide palm with shorter fingers.Is it a wide hand or a long hand that is optimal?

Is a short palm or a long palm the best?

Same witness also told me that Pfister once commented that the grippers were a too small for his hand..I do not know if this was exactly what was said?Or IF it meant the gripper created a problem for him.It may have even been a misintrepreted wise crack?

Other than say a giants hand(like Andre)is a big hand a disadvantage?or an advantage?

Again,trying to learn.

Thank You

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Guest Harlan Jacobs

Tom, I can only speak for myself,But I like to put the back handel of the gripper in the same spot each time. On mt left hand ,I like it all the back to the thunb pad. On my right I like it a bit farther forward in my hand. With that being said, On my right hand , I have to (set) the gripper. Meaning I use the other hand to help get it into posistion before hand. When guys say it fits into there hand good means it sets where they like the back handel to be in thier palm and they can still get thier fingers around the other handel. I don't have big hands so I have to set it a bit. Did that make any sense ? :whacked

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My suggestion is to get Wannagrip's KTA program.

It contains text and videos of how to set the grippers et all.

The KTA program answers all the questions one would have

by giving you a step by step progression training.

I best describe it as the "The Blueprint" for gripper training. :cool

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If the thumb pad of the person is just the right size, the gripper handle will just wedge against it nicely and stay set. If your thumb pad is too small, it can take some fumbling to have the handle sit without sliding or popping out. If your thumb pad is too large (oh to have such problems) then the gripper can be too deep and the handle of a stout gripper can put enormous pressure on the bones of the palm. I know this because if I mistakenly set the handle too far towards the palm it feels like I could break my hand with a #3 or above.

Hope this helps. :D

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Speaking just for myself, I had to fool around with my #3 and set it just right before I could close it. This is how I do it: I place the handle horzonital in my palm, and use the other hand to get the other gripper handle in place for my fingers. I then pull the gripper closed; this is correct for me if my pinkie finger is able to catch the handle.

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