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Hand Putty


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My cousin who is a physiotherapist recently recommended hand putty from a local sports shop to help with a hand injury/weakness that I've had for a while now. I got a relatively soft one, but I did some checking and I found that much firmer ones exist. TheraPutty is what I found. The one that I have is rated at "40 lb" but the toughest is rated at "160 lb". I enjoy playing with the putty I have, and it seems like the natural movements one can do with it would help to keep my hand healthy in the long term. They sell a sample kit of 8 putties from softest to strongest for $40. Does anyone else think this would be a worthwhile purchase?

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Why not have a big piece of chewin'gum so you can train both flexors AND extensors ? No putty and no rubber bands, you save money :laugh:laugh

More seriousely, I sometimes warm-up or recover with a rubber ball; it's nice but you can do it with plenty of other materials if short with money.

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lol at the gum idea, but the messiness of it and something like clay is exactly why it wouldn't be very practical. If you have any ideas for other materials I'd be happy to hear them.

I just think that using different strengths of putty could better balance the hand and work the fine articulation skills/muscles that grippers miss.

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I got a better alternative that I've done for years and it cost half as much.

Go to Wal-Mart and buy 10-20 balls of Silly Putty and smash them all together

and your set. You can't beat Silly Putty.

Try it and see. I use 20 balls of it at $1.00 each.

Hope this helps.


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