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Farmers Walks -- Alternatives to Buying Special Bars

Guest DavidHW

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Guest DavidHW

I've been using curl bars for my farmers walks, and while these bars are shorter than an Olympic bar, they're not ideal. The gripping areas on the curl bars have no gnurling and the balance is hard to maintain in a closed area (the gym).

I've thought about purchasing the Farmers bars over at PDA, but it'd be over 赨 for the handled set. Any ideas on how to make weight-adjustable bars for FWs? I've thought about buying 2-inch dia. steel pipe (about 18 inches long) and just using 4 clips to hold the Olympic plates in place (one on outside, one on inside for each plate on each side).

Would appreciate your help.



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The cheapest FW setup is two 5-gallon buckets filled with rocks. A pair of cement slabs or cinder blocks provide a decent pinch grip element but increasing the weight requires some ingenuity. Your idea of using steel pipe is a good idea. Light knurling can be improvised with athletic tape.

FW should be done outdoors so that there can be no complaint about damaging the floor with a dropped weight.

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I made mine from 1.5" galvanized piping from Home Depot.  Actualy diameter is about 2".  Have them cut two 18" sections and four 6-8" sections.  Have them thread all of the ends except one end of each of the four shorter sections.  Get four couplings and screw them onto each end of 18" section pipe.  Take the threaded end of the shorter sections and screw them into the open end of the coupling.  Farmer's bar with collars is what you'll have.  You'll have to get something to keep the weights on the end.  Spring collars won't work- they're just a bit too big.

I made these farmers bars and a 2" barbell for DLing for ิ total cost.  


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