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Rt Farmer's Walk

Mr. Fishel

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Hello all..As I mentioned over in the newbie thread, just starting to do some formal grip work. I have CoC grippers up to #3 that I am working with, and I grabbed some Rolling Thunders (thanks wicked) and a loading pin and grabbed 2 carabiners. I've been looking, but haven't seen any deals on olympic plates, so I've been trying to figure out what to do...

A month or so ago, I got new windows in my (old) house. All the windows that came out used counter weights and rope to keep the windows up. It was only after they hauled mine away that I realized, DANG IT, I could have used those. So, I called the installation manager and asked that if he got more of those, and he was near by, I would take them. About 2 weeks later, he called, said he had a whole house job and would drop them off when he was near by.

So, for $0 I ended up with what I am estimating is about 200lbs of iron, cylinder shaped weights in various size (weight) increments. Then, I happened to be at Home Depot and grabbed 2 heavy tool bags for $14 total.

I had been doing single hand deadlifts mimicking what it would be like with the loading pin, but tonight I finally got around to loading up the other bag and did some walks across my basement. I estimated about 90lbs in each bag (I weighed one as a baseline). It was pretty fun. So long as I stayed pretty smooth the bags didn't move too much, but if I hit my leg it would swing around a bit. All in all, a good workout, and I have more weights to drop in as I get better...



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That is a great workout for sure!! Really good way to save money too with the heavy duty bags and weights.

PS: We have to get this new set up out to your driveway and try!! The hill would be awesome!

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