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I took my 45lb. blob to UPS today to get the ship'n cost from Va. to New Castle Pa.. It was a little over $17,the scale they used said it only weighed 44.06lbs. :( I was a little upset about that :cry

I'm going to send it to "Bender53",I only need one at the moment.

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I think anything that is cast iron will have a lot of variance depending on the quality control at the factory.Dumbells and weights?not exactly parts for the space shuttle...so usually big difference,probably less quality control?

I've posted this before but the gym i work out at has 80 ,45 lb.plates and most have been weighed on a certified scale and then marked.

They(these '45'lb.plates) vary from a few as light as 43 and 44...very few right around 45.1 or 45.25 and MOST are heavy.46 47 48 49 one weighs 51 and there is one monster around 53.

Our '100'punder plates are 103 to 106.

I suppose its better for these companies to average a heavier weight than get caught selling lighter plates?

Also-of course-you can pay the bucks and get plates that are almost right on but i'd say there are more variances than most people realize?

(the180lb dumbells at the gym-actually weigh 187.5lbs)

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Yeah Tommy thanks man! I will send you the 40 I got and some more nails. 50d's what I have left of them and what ever else you need just let me know. I've been on a bending binge lately nothing in the house is safe. God has been blessing me double portion. Wow is it fun!!!!!

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