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My Son Chris Has Another Stellar Session


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Geez the kid is really on fire!

He's had a few days to recoup from last session so I asked him if he wanted to do a few more bends and here's how the night went.

I let him warm up with some tougher pole barn nails then he bent one of the griprite 235 pound 60ds then we decided to try and up his PR.

The nail we chose is the Keystone galvanized 60d or sometimes called cement coated. It's the type that Eric calibrated on the calibration thread that hit 315 pounds. Would be a heck of a PR for Chris but we decided to go for it and he got it! All on vid too.

I decided to press a little further and cut one of the keystone shiny 60ds which Eric calibrated for me a while back at 330 pounds. They are the toughest 60d I've ever found that wasn't one of the mutant Canadian Sivacos. I was floored when he got it. It was right at the buzzer and just a hair under 2 inches but he got it.

Next up I decided to let him try a piece of steel that whooped up on him in the session where he set his current records on the junior list. It's a 1018 1/4 by 7 inch round and he had failed on it after a long struggle and only 10 degrees of bend so we had backed off and did the zinc plated which is what you see on the 7 inch list.

Well, what a difference 2 sessions make. Same wraps, same steel and he killed the thing! I don't know what it will calibrate at but it was tougher than the 200 piece so who knows.

I decided since I was filming I might as well film a couple for Eric's list so I killed a triangle G8 previously calibrated at 495 and next up was 8mm by 7 inch 12L14 which I failed on last session after bending the drill rod. I pretty much smoked the piece this night which is a PR for me on ease of bending it and it might possibly be the toughest 7 inch piece I've ever done. We'll let Eric decide that.

Here's a pic:

My link

Super fun night!

I had just mailed last session's DVD to Eric today so I guess there will be another on the way ASAP.


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Tim, It sounds like you have been revived back into the bending 100% by your kids. Thats great. And your son is making incerdible progress.

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What in the world!

Geez, Tolberts, no need in overdoing it! :laugh

Congrats, gentlemen!

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Thanks guys! Mean alot and Chris is really enjoying this.


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