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Adjustable Grippers


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Late last week i finally drilled and tapped two of my grippers a la Tom Black and Heath's instructions. the results are great! I have a gripper that i can adjust and do a few reps for each hand, the #2 for my left and the 3 for my right. I prefer to do reps in my training but the next hardest gripper for each hand was getting too easy.

the twist that I used for these grippers was that I used a bolt that was all thread - this way I can take the washers on and off without haveing to unscrew my gripper, i just use a nut on each side to tighten the washers down. this also makes it much easier to change the washers because you can hold the gripper upside down and the washers will stay with your gripper instead of having to take the whole bolt and washers off of the gripper every time you change. <- if this makes any sense.

Also, if for some reason my gripper gets stripped, i can cement the all tread bolt into the gripper and it will still be functional.

I should close the 3 very soon now as i closed it pretty easily with only three washers last night after a 1 month layoff. Many thanks to Tom and Health for the idea.

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Glad I could help. :rock

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Guest Youngguy

I had a question on this subject. Do you guys use some kind of special bolt, like a special durable or extra strength metal to keep it from bending or braking?

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I used a garden variety 1/4" bolt with no problems (probably a grade 2). Don't forget the torque at the end of the handle is very low compared to at the spring. Thus the spring has to be mounted deep whereas the bolt does not. More of a factor is the soft aluminum.

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