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Wearing Gloves When Ripping?


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I tore a inch of skin of my index finger, and to a smaller degree my thumb.. My hands also had some minor nicks and cuts. I noticed iluminated paper is hard, cause when I start to rip, on or two pages fall firsrt or get in the way... I totally shredded the source magaine, and tougher 2005 Niners year book, with hand sturdier binding, more like a hard cover book. The rip was pretty easy, but when you start to double up the ripped parts it gets very hard, especially when you have to work with a smaller grip. Took me under 10 minutes.. To shread into into little pieces. Too many sticking point's.. And I'm still at the learning stage. Great pump though. My fingers and thumbs were throbing, along with a intense burn in my hands and forearms.. So should I use gloves for a better grip and to preserve my hands? Or just deal with the skin ripping, and lil knicks on my hands and fingers

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