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More Josh Bigger Photos

Tom of Iowa2

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I'm still sick.I think I'll go to bed- but I thought I'd give a description of some Photos that Wannagrip has for the Gallery.

They should be up soon..just somebody did me a 'favor' and scanned them and e-mailed them to Wanna and they are in wrong format so Wanna has to reconfigure them.

?Photos that should be up soon-are:

A photo of his 180lb.,2 3/8 solid dumbell next to the 2 3/8inch wrist roller with an IM Rolling Thunder to compare it to.

A photo of him leverageing back an IM Thick Heavy Hammer II with arm out in front-with a 47 3/4 lb plate,two small steel discs and the apparatus weight for a 54lb.total.

Wrist rolling 287 lbs all the way up on our 2 3/8" non knurled wrist roller.

Same day photo of wrist rolling 312#with same apparatue.

A few days later,wrist roller,7 plates,all overweight plates- for a total of 334lbs.

A one handed Partial deadlift of 406 lbs with fingers utilizing the IM agle Loops hooked to an IM loading pin.This pic hurts me to look at it as i tried a few pounds on this also.

There is a cool photo of his forarm...which has a freakish length when compared to the upper arm(bi/tri)and considering his height.

Goals:9 plates 423lbs on the wrist roller,500lbs on the IM Eagle loops(that was first try ever).

Paul said at the snowman he got a good pic of Josh and Schoonveld compareing forearms.He said it was "astonishing"and smiled and told me to "wait for the pic".But that roll is still in his camera and it'll be a while before he burns the rest of the film...

Josh said bigTony and especially Schoonveld were some of the nicest guys he'd ever met and also wanted me to thank animal cage for the use of his gripper.He's still looking for a no.4 ......said Mr.Roark was a nice dude also...

More on the 'snowman'..later..I'm really burning up..Hopefully the above photos up soon...

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