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Revolving Handled Grippers


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It's early and the coffee has not worked, so a fun


Would a gripper with either one or two of the handles

spinning/revolving make the close easier or harder?

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I say much harder. YOu would have less bite in your hand by the handle.

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We made both to test almost two years ago. One had one freewheeling handle, the other had two. They are infinitely harder for those with normal and smaller sized hands. We did not test on huge paws; there seemed no point. There is no comparison between rollers and regular TSGs. A two-fingered close seems unconceivable. On the thumb side they are unstable, rocking from side to side. On the finger side they roll right away - the fingers are literally unwound about the axis. Technique and skill could conceivably help. They made it crystal clear how big part stability plays in closing a TSG. They were such a drastic departure the idea was tossed. They were so 'slippery' it was as if there was no point. This is a rather direct method to make a closable gripper unclosable. I would make a near-guaranteed challenge for the show strongman that developed the knack. For an individual with normal or smaller sized hands who can just close a 2, perhaps a 2.5, he will not be able to close the same (2) gripper if both handles freewheel. He might close the same gripper with one handle freewheeling depending on the position he puts it in. They also require a bit of ingenuity to make, much like an anti-rotational device for the IDB.


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I own a gripper that has smooth revolving wooden handles and it is difficult to close. I have become somewhat used to it with time and it doesn't feel to bad. Other people who have tried it find it very awkward. I would say that the spring resistance is around a 1.5 with the added problem of the handles slipping and turning.

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