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grapplers grip


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I train in judo and wrestling and I am trying strengthen

my grip for those activities.  What do you guys feel is the best way to go about this?  Thanks.

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Hello Kumikata (What's your real name?),

For grappling gipping strength I would do farmer's walks(for endurance and support strength), 2" Vertical Bar work(for the ability to hold onto limbs in holds and locks), wrist roller (for the burning sensation that builds up with grappling for long periods if time) and supplement this with loosely filled sack lifting to simulate grabbing and holding a gi.


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Hey Kumikata,

I don't know whether or not you have a pull-up bar at home, but what I'd suggest is doing chins/pull-ups from your Gi.

What I mean, is that you throw your Gi over (and around) the bar and start doing chins, pull-ups and hangs from it.

That way you'll get used to gripping the very thing you'll be gripping in Randori.

Hope this helps

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Guest badkarma67

i`m not particularly a pro at this grip training thing but i`ve been into martial arts for quite some time and have been heavily into grappling for the past 3 years...something i do to work grip is just flip the belt from my judoga over something and just pinch it and pull ...anyway it works for me

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Guest ericontherocks

I have been into rock climbing for the past couple of years and also taking aiki-jitsu classes for the past year or so...the has a grappling aspect to it...when i want to get a grip on something there is no way to break it, well wrist locks seem to work but i don't ever have any type of grip problems,and my forearms never get tired out.

My advice to you is after a few month of climbing you will not ever have that week grip. Looking like POPEYE

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