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Consistently Reversing Gr8's To 25 Degs But Hitting A Wall And Tea


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I keep on stalling at 20-25 degs with my 6" 1/4 grade 8's reverse style, anonther irritating thing is i keep on tearing the skin behind my thumb and forefinger webbing, where the bolt turns over? is this just a newbie thing or is my technique not ideal??

I feel a Reverse RED could take me a good long time...

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try using different hand positions. I have had that problem before if i grab the bar too close to the middle. My hands would hit and would loose my possible range of motion. Everyone is different.

That skin will toughen up. i know i have ripped that spot more then once. Try using corn huskers lotion every day also. It really helps moisturize & toughen your skin. (just another carry over from kettlebells)

You mentioned you were coming to the states next month, what part?

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I used to switch lead hands when I hit the wall at 20 degrees and it helped most of the time to get a bit more movement out of the bar.

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