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Heavy Hammer Training: Where It Fits In


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What does the Heavy Hammer train? I notice the range of motion for the heavy hammer is completely different from wrist curls. In particular it looks like it might be more friendly to my (crunchy) wrist joints than curls. Does it work the same muscles but just at a different angle? Does it help for grip or is it for something else (like wrist strength or forearm size)? I want to add to my grip/wrist strengthening routine. I currently do wrist curls, reverse wrist curls, and IM gripper (also working my grip are heavy deadlifts, bent-over-rows, clean and press, chinups, and benchpress because I grip that bar like my life depends on it). Thank you for sharing the benefit of your experience.

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Heavy hammer training is geared towards increasing wrist strength. It definately fits in the same department with wrist rollers, reverse and regular wrist curls. Heavy hammers would be an excellent choice to either alternate or add into your program when doing wrist curls.

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