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An Idea On Pinchgrip Training

Volko Krull

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Hey guys,

I'm 16 years old and I wouldn't dare to claim that I have any kind of training"wisdom" to

offer but I still read most of the really great books like Dinosaur Training, Super Strength,

Key to Might and Muscle etc. over and over again and I love the oldtime ways of keeping it very

simple yet become very very strong by turning the intensity up.

Today a very simple idea on pinchgrip training came to mind. Say you are of average build, 5'-something

and around 150 pounds, in good shape, pretty strong; Chances are you can pick up 2 25s. On a good day I

can walk almost 300 feet with them so I guess its got to be a pretty easy feat.

What you could do then is go to a lumberyard and buy a piece of fresh timber, 2" thick, 6 or maybe 8" wide

and long enough to make it a hundredweight, 50kg or 110lbs, however you will. That would cost you, what,

10 or 20 bucks? I honestly got no idea about the prices of wood but it shouldn't go into much expense.

You go on by doing deadlifts with it. If you can do 2 25s, you should be able to do that very easily since

you don't have a smooth surface (timber is kinda textured) and you don't have any slip at all, which will

make up for the 10 lbs more. Do that for some time, just deadlifting, first singles, then on to sets, then

timed holds. When you can hold that thing for a good time for a couple of sets you could advance by doing

single rows. First bentover, later, as your wrist tunnels become acustomed to maintain a pinchgrip while the

flexion is being altered, you can do upright rows. Advance by adding acceleration and thus kinetic forces,

do the rows faster and faster. Someday you will be able to clean the plank with considerable squat. Work

up to a legitimate powerclean without any dip at all, just armpull.

Then do the acceleration trick again. When you can pull that thing to your shoulders as quick as a spark

chances are you can snatch it without a lot of dip. When you made it that far, try for a one hand deadlift.

I'm not sure if this is already working at that point but if not, you can always deload by doing a thumb-

and-indexfinger pinch with the other hand, or even thumb-and-pinkie.

What you do now is go through the ENTIRE process again. If it takes you 10 years, so what? If it takes you

20, what does it matter? I've never heard of anybody snatching 110lbs in a one hand pinchgrip, and you can

count the guys, out of which I respect the living hell, who can do a one hand pinchgrip deadlift with that

sort of poundage, on your two hands.

This is just an idea I came up with today during a boring school period. Maybe it sounds stupid, I don't know,

give me feedback, tell me your thoughts. Tell me what you think about it, i mean, the basic concept is, if this

is working, you can have an above-worldclass pinchgrip for 20 bucks and a ton of effort and strength of mind.



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Sounds like the pinch plank David Horne used to use, I think they put bars through each end to add weight and used it for cleans, high pulls, deadlifts etc.

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