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Positive Spin On Injury


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As some, or most, of you may know I have had a right shoulder injury for sometime. Despite treatment it's getting no better and I've had to tailor my training to grippers and TTK as this is all my shoulder will allow, twice a week. having a eureka moment I decided to separate my training across my two arms. My left hand is okay for closing the #2 but I struggle for dexterity with the setting since i chopped my index finger up last year! So, I've decided that one day a week I train my left hand on my homemade crusher and rotational levering and another day I train my left hand on pinch and wrist curls. My right hand will still train 2 days a week for grippers and TTK. This way I get to train 4 days a week, so I still get my fix and it's at a level where I make progress and can recover. In addition, my right shoulder may never stand doing crusher/RT again so training it left handed will allow me to compete in the future.

In regards to the shoulder, I went to see the surgeon the other day and if, in 6 months, it's no better despite physio he will operate as a last resort. Apparently when I injured it last I severly bruised the muscles and this is causing impingement/capsulitis problems. As a parting gift he gave me TWO cortisone shots to the shoulder, "one above and one below". The second one was hell as he had to push, quite audibly, through scar tissue with the needle. He then congratulated me on not vomiting or passing out as the second one usually has that effect on people!

Cheers, Lol

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I wish you well with your shoulder recovery. And i'm glad to see you have figured out a way to continue training. I've been through enough injuries myself to appreciate the need to just do something.

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I have broken my collar bone 4 times (twice on each side) and torn both RC's. I feel for you man!! But dont give up, take the PT as serious as your lifting and take it SLOW!! Never say never. I am proof you can come back from some bad stuff.

Here are 4 basic movements I do about 2 times per week to keep my shoulders in shape now:


I hope you dont need surgery, but if you do later down the road keep these and do them for recovery.

Take care!!

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As you get better, try to work your way into standing dummbell presses, one at a time, with the palms facing in. This exercise alone is often helful for those with impingement problems. I had impingement problem about 15 years ago and have had great success with the standing dummbell presses, and over time a bunch of cable work with the lifeline cables.

Keep us updated on your progress...

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