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What Makes A Strong Handshake ?


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Hi guys, have a quick question.

I have been lifting for a few years but my results are not that impressive. I bench 225 and deadlift about the same.

I got a bit into grip training by buying CoC's, T, 1 & 2. I can close the T and 1 no problem and can almost do it with the 2 as well.

I also recently started doing chin-ups and a few other exercises with a thick rope ( 2"+ ) instead of hanging directly from the steel bar.

My main problem is that I feel my handshake is not strong enough. I have a few buddies that don't even lift or do grip training ( but do some other form of manual labor ), they can't even close the #1 CoC but when I shake hands with them, they have this unbelievable strength/grip. It's as if their entire hand is connected from the finger tips to the rest of the body.

What kind of strength is this and how do I develop it ?

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good old fashioned labour.. i include this kind of training into my strongman training...

some of my favourites are pulling sleds with 2" thick rope

flipping big tyres

striking stumps or sand with heavy sledge hammers

sandbag loading or natuaral stone/rock loading

grippers do not give you this kind of strength and hand toughness IMHO

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The two things that affect handshake more than strength are 1) hand size and 2) timing. A big handed guy who sqeeuzes the hardest first will always win. You can't control hand size, but you can catch the other person off guard. Not really something that wins you much respect with grip guys or strength guys in general, but I guess in the wider world, where standards of strength are different and largely created by tools, it's a good tactic.


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Hand size is a huge factor in handshake strength, no way can you grip well a hand that's bigger than yours. A firm handshake isn't about grippers, it's about open hand strength and thumb strength. Work on everything that trains those.

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