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Larking Gathering

Bob Lipinski

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Me, Zach, and Dave.

Lots of fun, as usual.

The highlight of my day, as usual, was tieing Dave in something. We went after the Tetting Super Heavy Duty and we both got about 1/8 or 1/16 away, I forget what Zach's verdict was. Zach was off a little in the grippers, but his knee injury had him down all around I think.

Dave did lots of pinching with 2 fingers. Missed his big goals, but was very close on 2 45's with 2 fingers. Zach and I tried to get 3 25's, and Dave did it with 2 fingers as part of his warmup.

I squatted a little (WEAK) and benched the first time in a year+, I have only done floor presses. Newsflash, I managed to at least not be a cripple. Zach was recovering from his knee injury, so he played around here. Thorton pulled up to 495 I think and stopped.

We did one hand axle lifts. Dave did 190, I did 180, Zach did 170. Dave had more in him, he just wanted to stay mysterious I think. The axle was solid steel, don't know if that would be harder than a pipe axle, but I think it is.

The chili from Jerri Larkin made us fart like madmen all night. Don as usual had good tips to add- He keeps suprising me and teaching me something new each time I go down there. Plus, us Michigan guys can never be pussies in ffront of Don, that's like Sinead O'Conner ripping up the Pope picture, its just blasphemy. Don gets us going good.

Dave and I did the farmers hold for time. Don cleaned off his old stuff he had rusting in the yard just because some of you queers were talking about the farmers stuff. Dave held 300 for 32-33 seconds, I did 300 for 9. Dave did 350 for 9, I locked the shit out and dropped it.

I played around with the michigan contest hammer setup. Did 22.5 pretty solid, 25 went but not solid and not in contest form for one reason or another. I am knocking on the door.

After all that, I was dead. Zach made me look like a little girl on the horseshoes. Dammit Zach! I put a tiny kink in one that he could warp up easy.

Another fun time. Missed a few of the Michigan guys, maybe next time though.

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Oh yeah, we got Dave in a powerlifting suit for deadlifts, a loose one but it was good. I sometimes miss torturing (I mean showing the correct use) people with new powerlifting gear. The suit was way too loose for me to laugh at how much it hurt Dave. All kidding aside, Dave iss a good deadlifter who could be great and it was fun helping Don get him into the suited lifting.

I also demonstrated for Zach and Dave how to properly wrap your knees (on them). I haven't seen someone whine like a little girl from tight powerlifting equipment in a while, and a double dose of it from some newbies with some weak ass wraps was kinda fun :)

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All depends on how the setup is. I think I would get 25 if it was the same as the MI setup was, but we'll see. I might post a video. I did 22.5 pretty clean, not bad for where I am at now.

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I was dying of laughter on the inside at that DL suit. I've always heard they were a pain in the ass to put on, but seeing it had me rolling.

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...but was very close on 2 45's with 2 fingers. Zach and I tried to get 3 25's, and Dave did it with 2 fingers as part of his warmup.

Man, I still struggle some days with 5 fingers and 2 thumbs.

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