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Maintenance Of The 3#


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Hope this is not a silly question.

How often do the people that have closed the coc 3# need to train

there crushing power to still be able to close it and does it become easier once mastered(meaning you may only crush it once or twice a

week rather than everyday).

Also is there anyone who cannot close there 3# anymore due to not

training there crush.

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That’s a good question Gazza. I stopped training on the #3 after I had closed it and got certified. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to close it again after a long break as the only gripper training I had been doing was inverted holds for last years iron grip comp. When I tried it again following the comp it felt quite easy :blush. Now I just train the grippers whenever I feel like it, or see one lying around the house. This seems to be working fine for me at the moment and I don't seem to be having any trouble maintaining the level of strength required to close the #3.

I would guess that most who train grippers and have closed a #3 are shooting for a harder gripper and maintaining the same level of training and have a retained or increased the strength required to close one.

Are you worried that once you get there you might loose it?

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Depending on a lot of factors, once you build your grip strength.... most of it will stay with you even if you decide NOT to grip train on a regular basis. (NO! Don't even THINK about NOT training on a regular basis!)

However, if you are in the hunt to bag the BIG game (i.e., close the #3), then regular grip training is a must.

I'll admit: I've had moments when I couldn't close a gripper that I used to. Again, goes to grip training. There is always that "beast" out there.... the gripper you can't close, but you are training to close it. For me, it's my $%#^#$% BBE!!! :angry: Gosh darn it! :angry: I've been training for ages to close it! :angry:

So, to sum it up...... YES! You will have a grip better than the average Joe Blow. YES! It will stay with you throughout your entire lifetime. YES! Sybersnott is a genius! :blush Oops! Oh well, it's hard to be humble when your as great as I am!! :laugh:yikes :stuart

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