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Calibration Update

John Szimanski

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We have sample grippers being evaluated regarding overall length and expect resolution within two weeks. In the meantime we have determined that we can produce SOS grippers with a tolerance of plus/minus 1/32" (0.312" ) on the overall length of all grippers. Additionally, we will be able to provide plus/minus 1/64" (0.0156" ) between the two legs of any particular gripper. Equipment has already been purchased to this end and fixture blocks are being fabricated. We feel these inter-and intra-gripper tolerances will effectively address the handle length issue by limiting differences to such a small degree they will be essentially nonexistent from a practical standpoint.

On another note, PDA is in active negotiations to joint venture with Heath in his humano-calibration foray. Upon successfull conclusion we would expect to apply a PDA stamp to Heath.

As always, comments are welcome.


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You're gonna stamp me!?  I always wanted a tattoo, but geez, a stamp.  I'll consider if you'll throw in a Gen II.  ;)   Hmmm, this isn't because you're afraid I'll steal some business is it?  I'm pretty accurate, I can pretty much tell what it is within 150inlbs, such precision is scary! :)

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Guest Luke Reimer


A tolerance of 1/32" (0.03125" ) among gripper handles would work nicely for me. You should be getting my grippers any day now, and as soon as you have some readings for them, I'll be asking about what SOS grippers you might have in stock in the right resistence ranges. (I think I'll be wanting at least a few.)  By the way, don't go partners with Heath. Didn't you see what he charges for renting his hand out? He's WAY too expensive. You'd do better just to keep him as your competition! <grin>

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I thought that the prices, plus my guessing, uhhh, errr, I mean accuracy in calibration was pretty fair.  I guess I could lower it to ร.98, how's that sound?  I can see John now, "Oh my goodness, he's gone down, now I must join forces."  John my friend, we'll have to talk signing bonus for this buisness venture. :)

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