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What Do You Think Of The Bb With 5/8" Handles?


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I am considering purchase of a couple of the Warren Tetting Beef Builders with 5/8" handles for training my close, and I wondered what other people think of them? I like the resistance my current grippers give so don't want to shave them, and buying a couple of new grippers to shave would cost me the same $40ish. I will opt for the best BTR training device. Opinions? I found this topic difficult to locate because 5/8" seems to be too short (or poorly worded by me) for the searching feature, so please forgive me if I missed an existing thread. Thank-you all.

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Absolutely love them. In my opinion, a filed gripper doesn't even compare. These feel so much further beyond the range than any gripper I have personally filed. Work out with these for a while and when you go back to regular grippers, the handles feel just-had-thanksgiving-dinner FAT.

Go with the 5/8" grippers!

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Having just acquired a couple of FBBC grippers with 5/8" handles I can say I'm a big fan of them.

Ok, they are smooth (no knurling) and the spread on my 3X is wider than a "normal" gripper - but the actual handle diameter makes for a pleasing change to the standard 3/4". I've noticed I need to use a slightly different hand positioning (a bit like when doing TNS attempts. . . .not quite in the familiar groove).

I honestly reckon training with 5/8" handles will make a difference to improving my crushing strength. . . . and as a result enhance my ability to close 3/4" handle grippers.


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