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Bb Grippers


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How do the superelite and world class stack up with coc's I know the elite can be harder or easier then the 3 depending who you talk to but I havent heard much about these 2 grippers. Has anyone closed the world class and is it possible? I thought I read somewhere that the handles are real wide apart. Thanks guys-Austin

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There has been a thread or two on this subject :shifty I purchased an elite a few months ago. The difference between the two (CoC) is the knurling on the CoC is sharper, the edges on the bottom of the BB handles are steeper and the handles on the BB are pinned to the spring.

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The only conparisens i can make is that they are all tough mothers

for me at least :blink Hats of to the lads that have conquired them,except for maybe the world class(not shure wether this has been done yet :blink

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