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Ivanko Supergripper Consistency

Scott Styles

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Is the difficulty consistent across Ivanko Supergripppers? Surely it is at least more consistent than between COC grippers?

The springs are stretched, meaning that they provide a uniform resistance across the entire ROM (proportionate to their spring constant squared). This means the only variance that should have signifigant effect on difficulty is the spring constant.

Although, the exact position (both height on the handle and distance between spring ends) of the grooves for the springs may be slightly different between supergrippers. Obviously this has some effect. I don't know how signifigant or what the production tolerances are for this.

The bends in the ends of the springs that connect to the gripper may also effect the angle from which the pull is applied. Different springs might cause one gripper to twist more than others. But I'm not so sure this would impact the difficulty substantially.

The main issue I would expect is that springs could be stretched out over time in order to make them weaker, but I think that short of waiting 10 years or pulling the springs off and tampering with them, this effect should be minimal.

Of course, I've only used one supergripper and 2 COC grippers, so I'm not a very qualified judge.

As a side question - is the 10/12 setting on the supergripper harder or easier than a #3 in the closed position?

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The 10 & 12 settings at the top of the suppergripper = 365lbs. the last time I checked anyway. The #3 COC is rated at 280lbs.....

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On my SG the 12 10 position is harder than both my #3s. But not that much harder. I have actually been able to close the SG at the hardest setting one time while steadying it with the other hand.

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What would you guys say the equivalent rateing of the suppergripper was with 3 springs on the highest setting done by me mate Nathan Holle of Wales. :bow

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4 springs= notches 12-10-8-6

or the setting 8-6 is rated at 176lbs and the setting 10-12 is rated at 345...So the 4 springs are rated at 521.

If 345 is much harder than almost any #3 (as stated by Tou and also by me since i have a SuperGripper too) then how much harder would be 521...I choose not to believe that.

Nathan Holle's 3 springs is rated at 451.

Moreover it's much harder to check if the SG is closed or not (and much harder to take a good pic of it: on nathan's pic it is not obvious that the SG is completely closed) and we all know that 1 or 2 mms can make a world of difference particularly since the range of motion is shorter on the SG.

My own two cents though.

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If TOU says that Richard Sorin cloised theSG on 4 springs in the highest setting then i believe TOU,alsoRichard Sorin has probably

done more than anyone or most to get this whole grip thing goin

plus i wouldn,t think it impossible for him Richard to do,if it was when he was at his peak nailing the 3* and aboive,i think him more than capable,also Nathan Holle got his and my 4* down to a credit card in front of my eyes,i then tried the 4* to see how hard it was(his)it was

like a brick so i also think Nathan capoable of the feat and not a cheat.Nathan and the other Holle brothers can certainly back up there claims as i,m sure can Mr Sorin. :dry

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Oh well, it's your choice to believe it Gazza.

The shot of Nathan closing the SE (for example and not the least BTW :D ) is perfect BUT the SG shot IS NOT ! (check it again, it's far from being as good as the others). As for me i believe 100% that Nathan (and his brotherhood) is not a cheat.

As you said, Nathan is as close as possible from closing the #4 or, his SG perf is rated at 451 (if done properly though). With 521, no doubt RS would have been able to do more than a few reps with the #4...

Once again maybe the two feats are not comparable (because of different spring strengths) and i tend to think that it is the case but if they were to be comparable then i choose not to believe the second one (without proof).

I probably need to learn more about R.S (and i have a DEEP RESPECT for him being a pioneer) though i think the level of hand strength he attained is not unreachable: he considered his hardest feat was to deadlift (clear ?) the 50lber blob (just look at his interview "the steel spiel with RS" on cyberpump). Now we have a few guys who can clean the 50lber (Jim Wylie, Matt Graham...) and even walk with two of them.

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Allow me to clear some confusion that has now become

evident in this thread. Tou did not post about Richard S.

and his SG feat. It was I, (zcor) that posted it.

My intention was to submit it as a piece of trivia telling of

an SG performance by one of the Board`s member. Thats

it. Nothing more. It was meant to be seen as an interesting

and entertaining piece of information relating to this SG thread.

I requested Wannagrip to delete it because it appears that it

has started a minor "flame" response. I wish that it does not

develop to that level, hence the deletion.

My information came from a source that I know to be valid

and without reproach so I for one believe it.

Well, since bills travel faster than the speed of checks, I needs

to go to the Bank!

Zcor out

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Tou and Zcor

My appologies for getting you both mixed up,i wasn,t trying to stir up any shit,i believe if its been said that Richard Sorin has closed the SG on 4 springs highest setting,because i choose to believe he would be a man of his word like Nathan Holle and his brothers are when it comes to strength feats,especially after witnessing Nathans near closing of the 4 in person. :D

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I had no problem with your post. You always come across as a

gentleman and do provide helpful information as well as

humorous ancedotes. :happy

No apology needed on your part


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The first gripper i bought was the SG (@homegym warehouse) and as a dumb newbie i decided to buy an extra spring, just in case :D:D

Now after all this discussion i decided to put the extra spring on it (BTW it's not easy to put it ) to try the 3 springs feat: i can just budge it (about 1cm :stuart ) ! Nathan's feat is completely amazing : i don't own a #4 but i guess it must be almost similar (i'm 2cm away on my #3 and after the Sg, the #3 seemed "weak" :blink ).

Now i'm almost CERTAIN of this: someone that can close MY SG with 4 springs at the highest notches on it will toy with almost any #4. Period.

Zcor: i think we are all gentlemen and i have absolutely nothing personal about you or gazza or even Richard Sorin (who probably doesn't know i exist and certainly doesn't give a damn LOL ! ) ;)

Patrik: i admit you're right, i checked the blob photo on the Sorinex site and Mr Sorin indeed has small hands which make this particular lift amazing...guess i should indeed learn more about him :blush

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