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It was orderd at the begining of last week.It was one that was already made (Demo)...Red with NAA arm & oly. plate loader.

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Nice one(lucky you)sadly :( it will be something i will never own :(

Will you be useing it as a means to conquer the 4* or do you just like

good equipment.

The lads who own and use the G do you think it helps you conquer the

grippers or do you think it helps you reach burnout faster if not

careful :dry

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It's a great piece of engineering. I use mine for overloads Tommy. You can put it on a bench and then with your inside shoulder underneath, help it to the close position easily. Then, try and hold some BIG weights shut.

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It didn't come :( I e-mailed PDA & they said because of X-mas & traffic

it wont be here untill next tuesday-wednesday at the latest.


:stuart :stuart :stuart :stuart :stuart :stuart :stuart :stuart :stuart

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Can you believe it's two days after Xmas, and the gift I ordered for myself THREE WEEKS AGO still has not arrived!! :angry::angry:

I'm beginning to think that someone "up there" doesn't like me very much! < <:dry:inno

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What are you waiting for in the mail Sybersnott?

And Gripper that piece of hardware looks sweet....no wonder your going icon crazy in anticipation of getting your mitts on it!!!!!



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