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Ivanko Super Gripper


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I made some minor changes to the web pages and to the user interface. The spring positioning algorithm is unchanged.



- Unzip the file.

- Extract the contents to a folder.

- View index.html with your favorite web browser.

Technical notes:

- Poundage is rounded to two decimal places.

- The results are not nearest the input value but rather the first value GREATER than the input value.

- Mathematical expressions are accepted as input so 85kg can be entered as "85*2.2046" without the quotes.

Feel free to share the unmodified zip file with others.

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For an alternative, instead of going through all that you can also check out this website for the poundage ratings/spring positons for the Super Gripper


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My calculators are based on those very tables by Cliff Stamp. He does not have a table for the twelve single spring settings. Figuring this out is actually a trivial exercise in linear algrebra. Anyway, for those less mathematically inclined, my zip file includes two of these tables, one of which is in a printable form.

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