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Thanks To Rsw And Tom Black


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I went to Home Depot Saturday and bought some 3/16" and 1/4" bars, took 'em home, got the hacksaw, and started cutting.

I got the 3/16"x5" bent with little difficulty but when I went to the 1/4" bar I barely put a dent in it. Needless to say I'm now hooked and went to Home Depot today and bought all the 3/16" HRS they had.


Thanks for the good info about how to get started in nail bending. Not only is it good advice but it's cheaper than buying a starter kit of pre cut "nails."


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I found 3/16" to be perfect for scrolling. By week's end, I will post some pictures of some scrolling I did with it. Hint: I tried my name first! But get the 4 footers, because 3 footers are too short, even for a 3 letter name!


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