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Snowman Challenge - Inch/mb Challenge Directions

John Beatty

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To All-

Here's the directions to T.K. Wendl's for the Show on Jan 4th. Inch/MB starts at 10:30am. Strongman contest at 11:30 or 12 noon.

From 57 (north or south) go to 74 east then see below.

From 74 east or west - take the University Ave exit (Champaign-Urbana). At the stoplight, make a left. Go to the second stoplight (rte 130 or Highcross rd, can't remember how it's marked). make a right here. go approx 3/4 mile, T.K. Wendl's is on the right, you'll see the big sign. It's a 20 acre complex, so it's pretty hard to miss.

Cover is $5. Inch/Millennium is $10 for non strongman show competitors, $5 for Snowman Challenge competitors.

Snowman entry is $75. Large goodie bag for the Snowman entrants. Decent prize $ available for both the Inch/MB & Snowman (both Am's & Pro's).

Fat Bastard Barbell Co willbe kicking off it's product line 2", 2 1/2" & 3" handled DB's. Fat Bastard t-shirts will be available for purchase.

Any questions, email me-



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Please, no guesses as to who John's new thick

handled dumbell bars are named after!

Schoonie and John and Travis are very likeable

guys, and though they will be preoccupied during

the competition, stop by if you are within driving

distance to watch and say hi-I'll be glad to chat

since my disqualification from the contest-no not

drugs, something about the other competitors entering

deep depression upon hearing I might compete!

As Mobster says,- let it lie... :(

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Oh?!you mean the dumbells aren't named after the fatbastard character from the Austin Powers movie?

You mean there IS another fatbastard? ;)

With a strong accent.......

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As to being distracted at the contest, I always talk more than prepare, Joe. I've never been one of those intense psych up guys. Usually Schoonie, Big Tony, Travis, or Shawn will try to crack me up when I'm getting ready to lift. Usually works. Tracy Scrivens (Tony's wife) always tries to distract me or they try to damage my performance by feeding me too much. Last time it was Big Tony's french toast the morning of his meet. two slices of cinnamon raisin bread with about a half inchof cream cheese between, then the whole thing dunked in his french toast batter, then literally fried in a pool of butter. MMMMMmmmm. Three pieces & I didn't think I could walk out to the truck. Well, and some sausage too.

The name of the Fat Bastards? Who could I possibly be poking fun at in the sport? :inno

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One week until the Snowman. Will Tony Scrivens be able

to deadlift the MB?

Will John Beatty deadlift the 152 Inch?

Will Brian Schoonveld deadlift the 172 Inch?

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Yes to all of the above.

Well.....I think Big Tony will pick the Millenium up....just a few inches off the ground ...but it'll go right up.No deadlift with it though.

We haven't heard much from Big Tony...I also predict he will do an 18 inch deadlift with well over 1000#...perhaps he has Ken Browns 1150#in his sites..?THAT would be cool. :cool

I predict that we will be there.... ;)

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In the USA I think the guys best 'suited' to pick the Millenium up off the ground(a few inches) is Big Tony,Brad Gillingham and Pfister.I would think Mark Henry would actually deadlift it.

Schoonveld may get it soon too.....Josh has tendonitis pretty bad (in our new found quest for toys and feats of strength we may have over done it) at this time and will get the Millenium soon also...(and is still going to try it!next w/e)BUT.... Tony,Brad,Pfister and Mark have the hand size and thumb size for this task..not just the size of course- but world class grips to go along with the hand size.(not taking anything away from them..or saying its an unfair advantage...they are just 'perfect' for the lift -much respect :bow ).And I think overall body strength comes into play more with something as heavy as the Millenium?i.e.228# will not 'seem' heavy to the big boys.

Not saying you need the overall body strength of a pro strongman to lift the Millenium.....just that IF you have the hand strength/size PLUS the body strength... THAT is a 'sweet' arrangement :laugh

WHOOPS...THERE I GO OFF ON A TAGENT..Look forward to seeing you also...and oh yeah..long story short..Tony should get it..(unless?he's wrapped up in another task?i.e. beating Ken Browns IFSA 18 inch world record deadlift?)

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I'll be there-close to the Terrible Trio of bells. If you are

present please say hi- would enjoy meeting anyone from the board. Hey, I'll even set the MB down for a moment

to shake your hand! :laugh

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There are a host of guys who would have a shot at it.

Wade, David, Jim, Heath, John W. come immediately to mind.

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An XL please. Tell me the cost plus shipping and my M.O. is on the way to you! :tongue

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Didn't mean to infer that Brad,Mark,Tony,Phil were the only ones...they are,perhaps,just best suited for the task with their hand size and overall body strength.

Also I've seen the above guys....I'm not familiar with everybody you listed...but yes i would guess there is a host of guys that have a shot at it......absolutely.

Anybody know what Gary Heiseys' up to?Not because of his 926 deadlift..but because he is also 6'7" :laugh

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If Big Tony goes for the Ken Brown 1063 Silver Dollar Dead, he'll get it. The man never trains deads & can pull a 800 conventional dead anytime, he just doesn't like deads. Makes me sick...lol. He usually just does what he needs to win. He always says he's got nothing to prove. I keep telling him why not show the world who's the best...it might at least get him some sponsor $.

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I have Big respect for Big Tony....very nice guy in person..wish he would go after that deadlift record too?

Maybe if YOU push him a little in this meet he will HAVE to go for the record...I know your one of the better strongman deadlifters also....but Tony is almost to strongman deadlifting what Sean Smith is to strongman pressing..only with Tony it apparently come even EZier?i.e Tony doesn't work the deads much..and sean does work those presses?

I respect his attitiude"got nothing to prove'but I agree with you IF you can be the best in the world?why not???also as you said(agree)could get him some sort of sponsorship and maybe more important for him ?MORE recognition for his cheese cakes? :laugh

Also...I think he is about 40 now?maybe?when he is 65 he'll look back and think "dog gone it I should have set that record when i could have" :(

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Snowman is 24 hours away!

Will the MB park beside Tony Scrivens knee?

Will anyone deadlift the 152 and 172 at the same time?

If you are there, please introduce yourself to me.

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What time will YOU be there?I think we are just going to drive over give the DB's a tug and leave...earlier?the better.My throat is killing me (but that won't effect my grip).I just want to get the 152 and try to move the 172 a tad...and get some pics.Unless we take seperate cars I don't think I'll be staying long.....

i don't know about Tony getting it to his knee :blink but i bet he gets it up a few inches...but THAT would still be some sort of a lift?

...not a deadlift...but???I don't know what you would call it????

who knows maybe IT will just decide NOT to be lifted ?

I'm going to check the ground for magnets though.......

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aaaahhhh!I see...the U.S.versions have been magnetized..?let's see.....wooden floors have nails and staples and perhaps stee in the joists?.Concrete floors have rebar and plumbing pipes running underneath.....the magnets can add 5 to 10%!?you've left nothing to chance?Ian Flemming would be proud. :cool

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I will get to Wendls probably 9:30- to 10:00 if all goes

well. The Terrible Trio are now in the van awaiting transport. The dumbell challenge begins at 10:30 and ends at 11:30.

John Beatty will be there earlier, setting up.

Wendls phone number is (217) 255-5328 in case you take

a wrong turn.

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