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Non-revolving Handle


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If you have an Inch replica handle, and some plates

that snug-fit onto it:

Have a piece of 3/16 or 1/4 inch rod welded along each top

end of the handle, then take a round file and 'notch' each

plate hole so that it will slide over the rod.

This fit will stop the rotation but may not withstand being

dropped often- especially if only the ends of the rod are

touch-welded and ground off some so the rod length will be uninterrupted for plate fitting.

The plate notch will not prevent the plates from being used on standard size olympic bars. :cool

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Thanks. Even if you have to pay to have the welding

done, it will take only a couple minutes, and you can

file the notch while you're watching TV or whatever.

If you have a friend with a welder-even better.

Really is an inexpensive method!

Hey- I'm nothing if not cheap!

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Guest Harlan Jacobs

Good idea Joe. I orderd a set a 2 1/2" dumbells from John Beaty. I am having Shawn Smith pick them up for me at the snowman. I understand you are going to be at the snowman. Tell big Shawn that I want to see him press the MDB overhead. I don't care how he gets it to his shoulder. Ask the same thing of Schoonie. As you know, these two guys are 2 of if not the best 2 pressers in the USA. I think one of them may do it ! Maybe both !

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It is a staggering thought to imagine anyone strong

enough to put the MB overhead with one hand-even

after cleaning it with two hands.

The weight coupled with that thick handle. We will see

in about four hours.

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