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Old York Stuff


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Poking around today at my local PAS, I noticed a strange looking EZ curl bar. I picked it up and examined it... it was an old York EZ curl bar. The best part was the price - 10 bucks. I bought it on the spot.

I also noticed a pair of old York 35 pound DB's, and wondered if I should get them too. Does anyone want any of the old York stuff? I love it!! :laugh It's some of the best made equipment around... surprising what you'll find if you take the time to look around.

:yikes:yikes ***** BRAGGING MOMENT ***** :yikes:yikes

Sybersnott noticed a pair of old rusty 70 pound DB's and decided to have a go at them. Picked both of them up and overhead pressed them for a few reps! :ohmy So the DB work IS paying off!! :D

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Guest RobbyTooSlobby

I was working landscaping and lawncare and was mowing a football field and noticed in the matenence building that there were some old York Plates there. The plates were 75lbs a piece!! Solid iron I believe. Rusty as heck though. They were just using them as door stops and stuff. When the head guy came back I asked him if he would be willing to let some of the plates go. There were 6 plates all together. He gave me 4 of them!! God bless that man. Nice guy.

I love the plates.

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Hold on to 'em. Hey, if ya get tired of them and want to get rid of them, give me a shout! :D

You were given a real gift. Plates like that are like GOLD. :tongue

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Hey, try somthing for me. Put two of those plates together and try a two-handed plate pinch. :laugh I know it sounds impossible, but why not give it a try at least.

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Guest RobbyTooSlobby

The plates are really thick. My hands wouldn't be nearly big enough. I could maybe use my loading pin and have them both together some how and try it that way. I think Tuesday is pinch day. I'll give it a go then.

After getting those plates from that guy I really wondered if I could contact other highschool gym maintenance staff and see if I can get anything else? I don't work for that guy anymore but I remember also seeing some Olympic bars just rusting away. I wonder if I could have gotten one of those as well.

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Some friends of mine who work at a university were

loading some stuff into a dumpster, they looked in and

retrieved five 100 lb York plates, one 75 pounder. They

retrieved them for me-and the plates are in fine condition!

When I asked why such materials would be tossed away, they guessed that the U has plenty of money and wanted newer weights! Higher? education?

Another group of friends was told to toss some other weights, including several olympic bars and, here's the

treasure: York bumper plates: four 45s and four 35s.

I, in turn, shared the weights with some friends. All I have

remaining is one 100 pounder, the 75, and a pair of each

size bumper. (why one each? gripper machine- and I gave the others away in pairs)

If you have friends who work blue collar (usually the

president of the U does not peek into dumpsters :D , )

they may find treasures for you BUT, another friend was

suspended from work for a week because she retrieved

a good piece of rope from the dumpster-the trash belongs

to the U and she was 'stealing' U's property. Of course,

it is perfectly fine to throw away hundred of dollars in

weights that the taxpayers must replace- no crime there :(

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Didn't the U.S. Supreme Court rule that trash is NOT considered personal property (once it goes into a trash can/dumpster), and therefore, may be subject to search/seizure laws??

Yeah, I don't understand throwing away weightlifting equipment - AND THEN replacing it with NEW equipment. :ohmy

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Bureaucracies are notorious for waste. It is much easier and less paper work intensive to simply dispose of functional goods than to risk a political battle by making a donation.

Sybersnott, I think that trash is considered abandoned property. However, tax supported schools and other government agencies make up their own rules. I do not doubt the story of someone being suspended for stealing rope from the dumpster.

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Guest RobbyTooSlobby

A buddy of mine is a football coach at a local college. I think I'll ask him if maybe he could tell me when they are getting rid of some old equiptment. Who knows, maybe I could get lucky again. :cool

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Indeed Universities make up their own rules- or selectively enforce from among rules available.

When the sexual harrassment laws arrived things became

really divided, and the no-smoking rules etc.

I know of another case where a $5,000 piece of air

conditioning equipment was purchased. It was the wrong

type, but rather than send it back, it was stored for five

years. Then, new and unused, it was sent to re-cycle. I

know these happened but I cannot 'prove' them.

Not can I provide photos to prove the sexual harrassment- though I know that would be interesting :D

Here's a tip: If a U near you changes strength coaches,

that may be the time to look for discarded equipment- after

all, the new strength coach cannot use the old equipment

because, we all know, matters have progressed!

Sometimes, if the U does not have a contract with a

recycler, you can pay the per pound price and get the

weights-better to do it through proper channels.

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I know of an untenable situation in which two departments at a university that receive funds from the same budget would rather dispose of equipment instead of donating the unwanted goods to the other department. One wonders if the situation was engineered for the express purpose of appropriating "free" equipment for personal use.

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I think we may have hit upon something here: I'm going to do some research and see if any schools or colleges near where I live are going to be "getting rid of" some weightlifting equipment, like machines or free weights. I then could donate them to those here on the board who are interested in the equipment. ;)

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