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Q About Overcrushes . . .


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What has been everyones expereince with these? Also when do you like to do them, after strapholds and negatives or all by themselves? Thanks guys

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An overcrush is a gripper that you can close, and you close it harder than you normally would, hence the term, "overcrush".

As to how you could work it into your training... it depends. Mix it in and look at the results. An overcrush would kinda be like a reverse of a negative. Strapholds and negatives have their place, and so do overcrushes.

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Guest sjeff70

I see no purpose in doing overcrushes, but that's why I'm a newbie. It seems like strapholds would be better than overcrushes. Almost like Strapholds would be an upgrade, making overcrushes obsolete. :unsure

Strapholds ensure discipline and a way of monitoring progression.


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Overcrush are VERY tough. Not that the gripper is tough to close but to perform a proper overcrush, you close the gripper with high force and then, you apply more and more pressure. What it does is that it ruins the skin of your pinkie.

Do them at the end of your workout.

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