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8 And 10lb Sledgehammers


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Yesterday two cousins of mine and I went to get us a big tire for sledge beating. It was a ways out of town on an old back road with a giant rock on top of it. We had to use my boss' H2 Hummer and a big tow rope to pull the thing of, after shaking it and placing a rock under the larger to roll it off. That took is about half an hour to get the rock off then the three of us had to lift the tire to get it upright and roll it into our trailer, then maneuver it to sit properly straight across the tires on the trailer to keep the weight balanced so we didn't have a blowout. All in all it took is about 3 hours to load it and drive into town at a crawl, had a lot of people staring at us pulling this big tire through town :laugh . I don't know what kind of tire it is but the damn thing is a HEAVY and HUGE, 28ply tractor tire. We took it to the gym I work at and unloaded it outside. Today we went out and bought two 10lb sledges and an 8lb one, we're going to put the Diesel Crew sledgehammer conditioning e-book that I got when I became a GB contributor to use. I'll snap a few pictures of the tire when I head to work later today and maybe someone can tell me what kind of tire it is, I have no idea.

I'm looking forward to this evening :rock Thanks to Jedd, Smitty and the Diesel guys for an awesome e-book.

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Sounds great brother. Keep up the good work.

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Forgot my camera but I beat on that baby for a good hour yesterday, off and on. Could feel my heart beat through my forehead, was sweating like crazy in the sun and I vomited a few times. Today I woke up sore as hell, did a bunch of stretching and now I feel great.

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