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Softball With A A Hook Drilled?

Tom of Iowa2

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Did I read that this is a similar lift....size wise?as the blob?

Seems a little small???Well i found the softball now just have to put a hook in it?

If not close to 'the blob'it's gotta do something? :blush

If i dreamed this...?what would be close to the blob.

**Or just dimensions?we could get someone to make a pseudo blob handle...?

Added to our collection in just the last two weeks:

1.)The 180lb,2 3/8 welded solid dumbell.

2.)The 2 3/8"Wrist Roller

3.)The softball lift

4.)The PDA facsimile, 26lb.solid steel (machined)Wrench

5.)and waiting on our(ordered 2 days ago)Iron Mind Big Block pinch grip.

6)oh and we found the Iron Mind 'Eagle loops' that have apparently been at the gym all along?

We also have: the bastardized and hulked out :D HAMMER Strength Gripper,2 inch wrist roller,old Iron Mind Pinch Block,Rolling Thunder grip,Iron Mind HEAVY HAMMER II,20#sledge and some other odds and ends.

We are serious if the softball is wrong size if we have the dimensions we'll figure out a way to make a similar 'handle'.

Maybe there is a thread on the dimensions?

**(and i know its a cut down solid York dumbell but i guess those aren't EZ to come across???? :cry )

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Am I missing something when you talk in plural ("we" "our"). Are you part of a group of grip trainers or a gym? Sorry about asking... I probably wasn't paying attention. :mellow

The softball lift is different from the blob lift in the fact that it's more of using your fingers to "claw" the lift up. Using the blobs is more like a pinch lift and your palm is involved. Brookfield describes both in MOHS.

That's quite a collection of grip materials you have. It would rival most of what everybody has here, including myself. :tongue

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We?yeah sort of both...referring to the club I work out at and the guys I train with,Josh Bigger and a recently we have a couple of other LARGE individuals somewhat interested in grip.Should have some pics of them doing the Rolling thunder and picking up the 180 pretty soon.In the pics of 'Josh Bigger 'you will see some of the equipment- but I don't own it....just push our owner(female) into buying it :kiss

Josh just built the Solid,2 3/8" 180 and the 2 3/8 just in the last few weeks.

Thanks for the info on the softball..it seemed to darn small to be anything like What was described as the 'blob'.We'll find something to do with it.I'm not sure my hands would do well on the Blob..even Josh will have a time with it...the other 2 guys have 9 hands and 15 plus shoes..and they are stronger than me..... or Josh ;)

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Last two lines of last paragraph should have read:'the other to guys have 9 inch hands and size 15 plus shoes...and they are stronger than me..or Josh ;) '

and I'm STILL looking for the dimensions of a 'Blob'..perhaps we could make one out of wood(wood carver) and hook it to a weight pin?or take it to Josh's uncle who is a blacksmith and melt some pig iron down and pour it into a mold...and we have another guy who is a machinist(he made the PDA wrench facsimile just after reading the dimensions!)

again the exact dimensionsot the BLOB would be great.

If someone would even U.P.S.us one we could get a look at it,work up some sort of facsimile apparatus,and UPS it back.....we promise to NOT try and lift it :rolleyes

(not that I could anyway)

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Tom of Iowa2

Blob measurements.

50lb blob=3.7/8" sloping to 5.1/2".

45lb blob=3.13/16" sloping to 5.1/2".

35lb blob=3.9/16" sloping to 5".

Blobs lying on there side.

50lb blob=7.7/16".

45lb blob=6.15/16".

35lb blob=6.1/2".

Hope this helps!

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