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Rolling Thunder - Left Hand Stronger Than Right..


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I alternate between two workouts, and workout three times a week. Tonight was the second workout with the Rolling Thunder that my right hand gave out first.

My workout consists simply of one big set of 10 reps each hand. I lift with the left and hold for 2 seconds, put it down and pick it up with the right, and go back and forth until I've gotten ten reps each hand with no rest. I'm currently at 92.5lbs of weight (+ however much the large loading pin weighs). I've been progressing slow and steady with 2.5lb increases each workout, until I got to 92.5lbs. Last week my right hand started failing at about the seventh rep, so I stayed at the same weight this workout and the same thing happened. It actually starts getting quite difficult around the 5th rep or so.

I'm right handed, and my right is stronger in grippers, extensors, forearm work, hanging from the pullup bar, and both the IM hub lift and the IM pinch block. For some reason it feels like both my fingers and thumb are having trouble on the rolling thunder (!?!?!).

I don't get it - I don't think I'm grabbing it any differently (maybe I am, but it doesn't seem like it).

Anyone have any insight into this, or experienced anything like this?

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I'm the same way. My left is stronger at pinch (thin and wide), hubbing, support grip and RT. My right is stronger at grippers. Funny thing is, I've been able to hover 207 on the RT lefty, and couldn't budge it righty, but the last time I pulled on my loadable Inch handle (2-3/8", so same size as the RT), my right got 172lb to full lock-out, and my left missed it twice, getting it about half way up. In neither case was I bracing the weights either, so the rotation was in the same effect on both hands. Now, I could've just been having a bad day with my left, but it was still weird. Guess I'll have to try the same thing again and see what's up.

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