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Iron Grip Wrench

Tom of Iowa2

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Have you guys ever played around with one of these?

A guy with a machine shop made one and told us to play around with it(he made it originally for his own use)Though we'd have more fun with it than he did :cool

Going to meet up with a few locals tonight.

Any suggestions?

Anybody flip one up in the air and catch the other end?

Leverage it out in front?

Please give us some ideas-I'm meeting up with Josh,Mike,Sean,and yako later on-the big hand dudes. :stuart

Will get some pics- if you can think of some stuff for these guys to do?Not much i can do with it- other than what it is supposed to be made for..... :blush

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You talking about the PDA Wrench? If so, try setting up some plates on end. Grab the wrench by the big end then stab the plates w/the smaller end. You can do it all four ways and its a killer leverage exercise.

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Yes the PDA wrench...it weighs exactly 26.25lbs..he went of the specs just saw it on the internet-wanted it- and had one cranked out a little later.

Yeah.Hadn't thought of adding plates to the end... :erm

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