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I alerted Wannagrip that this weekend a world class

strongman is coming to my house to play with the

the three bells. Inch 152, Inch 172, and the MB. I have no

idea what will happen, but IF the MB leaves the floor, I told Wanna that I would post about it.

His immediate response was, okay, but I'll lock the thread

pending a photograph.

That's how it should be, and I would have been disappointed had he not enforced rule 5 on me.

That's all I have to say on the matter until the strongman's visit. Hopefully he is a quick study and can grasp the technique when I show him how I hoist the MB!

You'll wait forever for THAT photo! :tongue

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Joe, will you be showing said strongman the technique you use to snatch the MB, or is that your claim to fame?

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I used the term in a light-hearted manner; I am

computer ignorant and do not even know if it is


Just meant that if what I think is going to happen

happens, it will NEED photographic proof even with the

three witnesses who will be here, and that we all should

be willing to provide it.

Wannagrip was not upset or threatening- I think he was

trying to be light-hearted as well.

Anyway, there may be nothing to photograph. We shall see.

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I hope so to- I also hope he can do the 152/172 combo


But what I want to see is the MB parallel park beside his knee from a flat floor take-off.

He is due at my house at approx. 9:30am Saturday and I

will post whatever happens later that morning.

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Just got word that one of the witnesses may bring a

digital camera.

If all goes as planned we will have 5 people here, so

four witnesses to whoever is lifting. Hoopa!

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Joe, you should have Sybersnott bring his videocamera!

Yes, I know it's a lot of work cleaning up mucous off everything Syber touched! :yikes

But just think! You'll have irrefutable proof! Besides, Wanngrip can then post the vid! :D

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Within four hours we shall know if history is made today.

I am hoping John Beatty makes a standard one arm deadlift with the 152-last time he visited he raised it about 6" off the floor- but he and Travis had come straight from a workout, so he was not totally fresh. He'll

be psyched today!

John thinks that at the Snowman Challenge on Jan 4 that

Brian Schoonveld and Tony Scrivens will each pull the MB.

Frankly, I have no idea- I hope John is correct.

But I also hope in Brian's case that is old news by then-

that he will pull it this morning when he stops by, or at

least elevate it a few inches.

Those of you who have never put your hand on an Inch,

or any thick handled, solid bell, may not realize the different feel from a bell with revolving handle- or even from a solid bell with 1" handle.

Brian has deadlifted the Inch 172-but we are talking almost another 60 lbs!

I hope this is the dawning of a new Millennium lift!

John, Travis, Brian, are due here at about 9:30. I'll post

whatever happens as soon after that as practical.

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The rotation of the globe bell is a big part of the reason it is difficult IMO. It wants to twist right out of your hand.

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Just now rolled all the bells toward the garage door.

That MB is difficult to even ROLL- but I told Geni- go on now it's not that hard-you can do it! :D

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Here's what happened this morning with Brian Schoonveld

and the bells:

I asked Brian if he would try the 152 in one hand and the 172 in the other for a deadlift. He stood high enough so that his hands were beside his knees-before the 172 started to slip. He has deadlifted the 172 on many previous occasions, but of course without a 152 in the

other hand.

Prior to the above he tried to get the MB off the floor,

but it was not to be. He did get one sphere off the floor

(not as easy as you might suppose to do this). The MB is

very hard on the thumb when rotation begins!

We then went outside the garage and he jerked the 152

overhead with one hand, but could not quite quite lockout

the 172.

Then John Beatty handed Brian the MB as Brian was standing erect and he held it for several seconds in the

completed position. I got a photo of this.

Brian's hand measured 8.25" long and 4.25" wide, and he

weighs about 310 lbs.

There are two weeks left before the Snowman, and Brian

will continue training- one thing he is doing is hanging from a 2-3/8" bar/pipe.

I believe that if Brian had an Inch to train with he could

of course make faster progress toward the MB. Anyway,

a fun morning with a pleasant strongman, who by the way, told me he has not yet been contacted by the Arnold people in regard to the Strongman contest at the

Arnold Classic.

I should add that Travis was also here but mostly watched today, but he will be competing at the Snowman.

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:bow Congrats to Brian....Impressive.

Did he power clean the 152?Or continental it?

How'd he get the 172 up to the shoulder?

Did John have a go at the 172?

I always thought his hands were bigger than that?

Perhaps I'm measuring wrong..as I got just a shade LESS than 8 1/4 on Josh...who's physical porportions ARE all out of wack but I've seen Brian in person and his hands look bigger?

I know you've posted before but where is the measurement started on the hand?

I also got around 9 on Sean and Mike?? ..(they both do have 81 arm spans and Mike wears a 15 EEEEE and Sean wears a 15 1/2EEE)they both encircle the ROLLING THUNDER...Sean has room to spare but mybe I'm measureing wrong?

I'm going to start a NEW subject on Thumb strength.Josh in particualr uses mainly fingers on his big handle lifts.We are severely lacking I'm afraid...He tends too just Hook grip even our 180 2 3/8...

Very Cool report

Rock on Dude :rock

If it comes to Thumb strength...????get a close up of BIG Tony's Thumbs some time

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Oh dear!! Tom has found some new Emoticons!!!

Seriously though, very impressive lifts and cannot wait for the photos.

When it comes to hand size, it can make quite a bit of difference if you're not measuring them correctly (or at least the same way as other people).

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Cleaned the 152 with two hands; John handed

him the 172 at the shoulder.

First wrist line (nearest the palm) to tip of middle

finger. There was a photo posted here a while back

showing the tape going to the second wrist line

which added another 1/4" to the measurement.

I shook hands with Brian and felt as though had he

wanted to he could have used me like one of those

childrens toys where the ball is attached to the

paddle via a rubber band!

Fortunately, he didn't want to!

The other dimension, which gives his hand the

extra dimension of size, is its thickness- that is,

if he put his hand palm flat on a table, how high

from the tabletop would the back of his hand be?

A 'piercing' measurement if you will.

Yes, John tried the 172, but did not clear the floor today.

He had worked all night, so wasn't at his freshest, I


Tom, what time of day will you arrive in Urbana?

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We are going to leave early and try to get there at about 9:30AM,give us time to walk out the leg cramps.

Should be me,Josh,Yako and maybe Paul.(combined weight


Unfortunately Sean and mike...probably won't be going...on the other hand with Sean and Mikes combined weight of 700 lbs I'm sure our Vehicle will be greatful :whistel

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My appologies again,please make me write out in chalk on a blackboard,with a 56lb ringweight hanging off of my pinkie,i must spell

Mr Scoonvelds properly! :blush:blush

On the subject of hand thickness(Brian,s)

Kalle Lane,from Sweden has very thick hands,had trouble setting up for the table top wrist curl at the british grip champs.

Looking at some of my strongman videos i note that

brian Scoonveld best asset is his pressing ability,he may eventually doa Mark enry! :dry

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Thanks for letting us come down. I was a bit disappointed all around. I think we should have changed the plan a bit. We went back to Wendl's (Schoonie's car was there) & watched a bit of WSM on the widescreen (one of Brian's heats) then we were all jacked to lift. I'd worked a 12 hour night, then squatted at the gym, not eaten since about 2am, & tried to lift the Inches. Not to make excuses for any of us, but Schoonveld said he didn't get wound up until after we watched the WSM heat. Schoonveld was talking about coming back next weekend. I'll talk to you more on that later, I'm going to bed. Last night was my 3rd 12hr night in a row & I didn't get to bed until after 12:30pm yesterday, I'm beat.

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