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Iron Mind Finger Loops

Tom of Iowa2

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Anybody ever hook these Eagle loops directly up to an IM loading pin and do any heavy finger tip deadlifts?

If so?how much?

What else do you use em for..with Josh at 265,me 260,Sean 305 and Mike Dean at 400 we don't do a whole lot of finger tip pullups. :blush

Don't worry,I won't bore you with another story.We were just playing with them last night and would like to know?

What do you guys use em for.We've had them at the gym for a long time..picked em up and did some deadlifts with one hand.Then in two hands(like a farmers walk...with out the walking :D )

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Note:my fingers feel like they were stretched out of the socket.Tendons in the wrist tight too?We went for broke.Maybe I'll have 8 inch hands some day? :unsure

Tomorrow I'm going to regret this

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I've got a pair. Only used them a few times but did DL 405 with them. This was [obviously] two handed (all 8 fingers) and the straps weren't placed on my finger tips, rather just below the second knuckle. Hurt like hell!

Sorry, don't have a picture. :dry

The only other thing I've done with them was individual finger DL's. I started with 135 using my ring and pinky finger of each hand. Then I switched to including my middle fingers [and may or may not have raised the weight then, don't remember]. Then to all four fingers and the weight was 225. I did another set without my pinky and then one more set with my first two fingers only. The weight remained at 225. I believe this workout caused a slight strain in my ring finger, as the knuckle has been kinda sore/stiff ever since.

I'll have to try using just the finger tips, sounds like a more productive workout. Ever try pinching plates using the finger tips only?

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Those things sure do hurt, Ive got a pair, and the most Ive ever done with one hand is 310lbs, I only pulled the weight about a couple inches off the ground but man, sure did feel like my fingers were being torn off. Im not gonna try that again for a long time. I think its more matter of how much pain you can take rather than the weight used.

Edit: oh yeah, that was of course up on the fingers, not close to the tip, 310 on the tips would rip my fingers off probobly, Im not willing to take that much pain just yet, :blink !

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