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130kg/286lbs 2'' Axle Clean


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This is Polish Mark,one of the lads who trains in the gym. He does a little bit of direct grip work, his best 2 hand pinch on the euro is 89.75kg@54mm, he can close my easiest #3 and has done a double overhand axle deadlift of 175kg (our gym record). He's not too serious about grip though, more into strongman - he's going to make a big impact on the uk strongman scene in the next few years :rock

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Holy crap, that is a strong guy !!!

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:rock that is some pressing power, clean weren't half bad either.
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Impressive, get some technique work and he'll be a stud.

I'm working with him on his leg drive at the moment. He did 3 sets of 5 last week with 120kg out the rack to work this.

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