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Hear My Name And Fear My Approch.

Mike Betty

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My 7 year old son has started training with me and the rest of the Whey Lads (Inc Mobster and Big Loz) on a saturday Check out his lastest video.


Please leave a comment on his you tube page.

Ps give him 10 years and he will rule the world.

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Inspiration man! Loving it. He's a strong 7 year old.

The Baby Inch flips was AWESOME.


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Awesome! Very impressive! :bow Are you and Ethan going to be there on Saturday for this comp?

Trying to get my little brother to get back into training he's 13 now and a bit of lazy boy nowadays but when he was 9 he did a 75kg dead,closed the trainer and pulled 45kg v bar and 30kg euro pinch (he did the grip lifts at your gym). I think this video will inspire him to get back into it. :rock

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Where i hope to see you kick arse.

Well, ask Steve what message i sent him when i paid my entry fees ha ha...


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That is awesome man, especially the little guys Deadlift. And I think the question on everyone's mind is; how big are his hands? :D:rock

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That sounds big for someone his age. If he takes some time to train grippers he might be closing a #3 by age 14. Kids grow fast at that age :rock

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