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Two Fingers Closes



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  1. 1. Two Fingers Closes

    • You can do less than 5 reps with it
    • You can do between 5 and 10 reps with it
    • You can do between 10 and 15 reps with it
    • You can do more than 15 reps with it

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As for me, i can't close the #1 with two fingers (1/5" away) but i can do 21 reps with it. I can close the T with two fingers though and probably do an infinite amount of reps with it :D (never tried but probably more than 35).

I can also close my #2.

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I closed my #1 (which I shaved the inside handle to go beyond the range) for 27 reps with 2 fingers. Once did 87 consecutive reps on it at the end of a workout. My fingers and palm were bleeding adn I had to stop working out for a week. Won't do it again.

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I don't have a #2. I had one in the past but I cut the handles down at 3". It's now closer to the #3 than the #2. I have a PDA 309 that is about the strength of a #2. I can close it with 2 fingers for a few reps, like 5-6.

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"Once did 87 consecutive reps on it at the end of a workout". :rolleyes

Maybe Wanna is right on track with this Rule #5 after all.

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i didn't try two fingers max reps with the Trainer (which belongs to a friend so i don't have access to it anytime) but did at least 4 reps.

I can close the #2 for only 2 reps w/ all fingers and there's almost the same difference in strength between the Trainer and the #2 that between the #2 and the #3: so your 5-6 reps on PDA 309 make sense to me.

Moreover i expect to be able to close the #1 for more than 60reps when i can close the #3. Undoubtedly.

Snott, you should try reppin your #1: just to try, just for fun ;)

But be sure to have one hour to spare :yikes:yikes

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I'm absolutely sure I can't rep my #1 60 times.

30 times would make me happy

i'll give it a try.

as for 2 finger closes, I've done it with my #2, but I find it a bit scary. feels like injury isn't very far.


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30 times would make you happy ??

David, your #1 must be a killer !?

I'm ready to send you a video of me repping the #1 for MORE than 21 reps and i'm FAR FAR away closing from the #3...

What's wrong here ?

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IMO, its because there is no real correlation between endurance and raw strength

training beyond 8-10 reps on a gripper does not do much for the next gripper.

variations in gripper strengths may also play a role!

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David is right. Repping a gripper for high reps do nothing for strength. It's a matter of endurance and pain resistance. Before gettign my COC grippers, I had a plastic handles store gripper. I did 200 reps wth both hand. Was my strength going up ? NO. Was it hurting ? A LOT. When you think yor thumb is going to pop out of your hand and you keep going for 50-75 reps, this is endurance and pain resistance.

Repping a gripper can't be considered as a strength feat.

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