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Josh Bigger

Bill Piche

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He's a bigger'n that's for sure! Great lifts!

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He's big physically. I wonder what his wrists measure. He sure looks thick. Tom do you want to fill in the blanks?

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he's approx. 5'11"

Arm span:75inches(measured)


hand length:8 1/4"(not that long for a good rolling thunder lifter?)

Ring size:16


don't have wrist or forearms.my forearms are over 15 1/4 his ARE larger-much-, and-wanna-has a picture of them-very unusual and thick develpment near the elbow?If you guys can talk him into it they are something to see.

Lifting and grip training for just 5 months- after a 7 year lay off(since high school)

Will add this-he has done farm work since child hood,loves to work on cars(turns a wrench)did construction and has a manual labor job.He was an exceptional athlete.Discus 178 ft. as a jr.!Weighed 240-as a jr.- HS and ran on the 4X100 relay.Was athletic enough to quit track and play baseball as a SR.Lead the team in home runs.

He is still relatively short and not that heavy compared to a lot of the good Rolling Thunder guys -and-his hands are NOT as long as most....

His rate of improvement-in the gym-is described by a very knowledgeable(and older :tongue )guy at our gym as:"not like anything I've ever seen in 30 years of lifting"Every single exercise is going up rapidly.......


I will back this up -with new photos,this W/E--Josh heard Yako(250lbs) had wrist Rolled 230lbs.Yako has bigger hands! than Josh and has been lifting for about 1 1/2 years and is a concrete contractor-that LOVES to do the work himself,he also grew up on a farm and was a good highschool athlete.He has an exceptional grip and again long thick hands.Yako has a decent rolling thunder-no photos though....well:

Josh,was fired up,and wrist rolled-311lbs,in the rack,all the way up with a 2 3/8" wrist roller.He just built this thing last W/E.

He also.with the MiloHeavy Hammer II held out,as in the photo,a 47 3/4 plate.We weighed the entire apparatus and it weighed 54 1/4 lbs.He levered it back like the photo.Held for a few seconds...this is twice as much as the rest of us can do!Of course no one else could even hold their arm straight out...that is beyond hard!

He built the new"Bigger"solid 2 3/8 dumbell.(just kidding about the name..we actually call it a hunk of junk)And it weighs-I believe-180 and.....we'll get you some photos.We'll leave it at that.Thank goodness you can add weight to it......... :yikes

I hope this isn't taken the wrong way but he is just getting started.

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Josh did say that the lever lift(Milo Heavy HAMMER II) felt twice as hard as just 37lbs did.Perhaps the diameter of the 45lb.plate changed the wt.transference around???however he overcame it.Next time he's going with 2 X25's too see if the big plate made a difference OR like i told him "that's just f#%#ing heavy DUDE!"

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Another thought occured-in pro strongman comps.they have done a 'battery hold' for time.Arms straight out in front -USING 2 ARMS and with weights of approx.55 lbs or slightly higher.

Josh held,just yesterday, -straight arm-54lbs. with ONE ARM and then slowly leveraged the weight back towards him.Not a real long hold for him but 1 hand,arm extended,straight out.......think about it...pretty cool?.....we'll be sending in the pics soon.

Also some of the lifts,mentioned in my captions?- the Rolling Thunder and the 20lb sledge work- Wanna has seen the pics.....he also has the list of witnesses.

I don't think Strossen or whom ever designed the Heavy Hammer II had Josh's lift in mind.. :ohmy

The wrist roll of 311#...was incredible,he was for the first time ever watching him going all out...the energy and force being exerted was tremendous.The power cage shook.He said He WILL wrist roll 400 lbs in 1 year or less. :whacked

He has big goals for the Rolling Thunder also.May now be slightly interested in pinch grip.And we'll find a way to put more weight on the HAMMER Gripper.BTW-others with good rolling thunders(over 200lbs) and larger bodies rarely hold back more than 9 plates or 9 plates and a 25....

The 300lb guy who lifted off did 8 plates for a few seconds then tried 10 plates...it was as if his fingers weren't there the weight fell so fast and his fingers were uselees for days.

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Wrist rolls as in with a wrist roller??

A wrist roller is a steel tube that is supported in the power rack.You then twist and roll the weight up with wrist and forearm strength with obvious use of the hands.

MILO,June 2001,page 63 has a pic. of a guy wrist rolling 275 up.

This apparently is a lot of weight in this movement?

The guy is useing a 2 inch MILO wrist roller.

He indicates that the pressure builds up in his thumbs and they bleed...?they said similar to Joe Kinney..?

We did not have this happen-although none of us except Josh went over the weight of 275.

We aren't seeking a record or anything just describing a work out...(which i took photos of)interesting note it IS easier for me to use the 2 inch wrist roller(i.e.I use more weight)Josh has an easier time with the 2 3/8 wrist roller.

Josh is trying to do as many exercises with a 2 3/8inch handle to help with the INCH/Millenium/Rolling thunder.

He is building a 2 3/8 leverage device(like the Heavy hammer II)

We will be making a 2 sided HERCULES hold(similar to WSM)and we also have a barnyard-'forward'Hercules hold that you sit down in and support-with two hands-a suspended weight.

Yep a wrist roller:)

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i new ya did... :D just having some fun with you.sarcasm doesn't generally come across very well on the internet. :unsure

Plus wanted to tell everybody about the 'Hercules hold' and double thick!thick Hammer II we will be building.....

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More photos added (new ones have no captions). Check the link in this thread. Thanks to Tom of Iowa again for sending them.

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Just bumped this because we should be e-mailing some photos of good wrist roll,Heavy Hammer II leverage-tomorrow.

Also have-on another Roll of Film,some pics with Sean 'Cyborg'MCCabe(300pounder) doing a few odds and ends and 6'2",400lb Mike Dean playing around with some odds and ends.(Mike is pictured in the MILO,Dec.98 issue,page 71-he placed 5th in that contest- and curled a 160lb.oxygen tank 40 times-defeating all in that event except Pfister and ONLY Mike Dean and Pfister completed the 6.5 ton,2 inch rope,seated hand over hand pull)Mike has some mits and can still touch the rim(basketball)even though he is a bit :blink heavier now.We may have talked him into training grip??but even if he doesn't train it he'll be doing our contest....keep in mind he didn't train for the 'Survival of the Strongest'contest in 1998 either :ohmy

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I always look forward to reading your posts,as you seem to convey as much energy writing your posts as the people you write about,plus i

also enjoy strongman events,it must be cool :cool being around all

those lowland gorillas.

I have just had some strongman stuff made myself :cool

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Its fun being around them ...exciting..then? in a way its not...

Mike(400lbs) hardly lifts at all...and when he does its sort of quick/light/..conditioning.....and comes in a pulls 50lbs more than me(and i'm not horrible at it) on the Rolling Thunder and picks up our new 180 lb. 2 3/8 dumbell like a toy.

I talk to him about grip training...tell him with his hands and overall brute strength.. a total of an hour a week and he'd "rule the world'ok slight exageration but...I'll send some pics soon..you'll have to see to believe again good photo of him in Dec.Milo,98(sorry there is such a lag time on the photos-i only have access to an old pentium three computer-no scanner-no digital camera... :blush and we just use a cheapy camera)

We will have prize money at the contest so-because of that? he will compete..but will he train???

Sean is a 300lb body builder,with long arms long hands he also picks up some big numbers.Not interested in grip or strong man..also..stronger than me first try on the rolling thunder-right up there with Josh!!- and because of the power in his arms?picked up the dumbell-in what appeared to be an easier manner than josh- and just laughed at us.

I've got some pics of him...he is a character..

Soooo...its fun ..exciting....frustrating.... a waste of raw talent..and discourageing....all at the same time.

Out at my dads place I have a 240lb keg,a huge built up wheel barrow you can load to 2000lbs,oxy tank farmers implments, and a bunch of cobbled together stuff..oh yeah.80 ft of 2 inch sissel rope for hand over hand.This aspect of my workouts are confidential :inno

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