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How To Lift A Db Off The Floor

Guest mg6680

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Question - In a lot of the photos I've seen of peeps lifting the Inch replicas, etc, I notice the simply bend over and pick the DB off the floor w/o bending the knees (or very slightly). Personally, I do a full squat w/the DB inbetween my legs, then lift it. Is this just a style thing or are there particular rules on how its gotta be lifted? I do it my way because it stresses the back less. The photos of Steve, Kaz, Corey St. Clair (sorinex site photo) etc, make my back hurt just looking at them.

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You have a point, but maybe to many 172 lbs does not seem like a lot of weight to pickup. The main concern is grip strength. I either lift from between the feet or suitcase style with little bending or use of the legs.

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I also have a "training to lift the Inch theory" that I want you to indulge me in. Here goes:

I made a DB with a regular handle loaded up to 175 pounds. It is a standard bar with standard weights. I want to be able to lift that weight on a regular basis, and then transfer my skill to the PDA Inch. Will this work, or am I wasting my time? :blink

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The rules can be found at ironhistory.com. Not trying to be

coy, but mobster, just as you declined here to present your

magazine interview with me, preferring people to buy

your magazine (good business reasoning-why give away

what you are trying to sell?) I would rather, if people

care in the first place, support be offered to cyberpump.

I do not receive money.

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Yes, what they call in the listing 'The Old(1933)' Rules,

which, though no credit is mentioned, were the BAWLA


A careful study of these rules will show how far from

strict we have wondered, as you already know. :D

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Dumbbell lifting styles may differ due to bodyweight. Someone (like me) who doesn't outweigh the 'bell by much might find it easier to avoid tipping over if he lifts it between his legs.

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Guest sb413197

Sybersnott: I'm no grip expert but of course in order to lift a thick-handled 172 pound dumbell you'll have to be able to lift a thin handled one. Goerner did a one arm deadlift with 700 so you shouldn't have trouble building up enough power to handle an inch (from a full body perpective) as the rest of your training progresses, I wouldn't worry about that aspect of it much if at all.

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QUOTE: "Dumbbell lifting styles may differ due to bodyweight. Someone (like me) who doesn't outweigh the 'bell by much might find it easier to avoid tipping over if he lifts it between his legs. "

Well someone of my bodyweight and height may find it easier to do deadlifts from above the knee but thats not an option in official competition. Nor should it be compared to full llifts. The same restraint should restraint should be used in the case of so-callled db deadlifts.


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What I meant by that was this: if I can handle a weight like that (172 pounds), will it transfer to an Inch DB?

I remember being in the ballroom at the 2000 AOBS. Mark Henry and Terry Todd are talking about and Mark was lifting a VERY big dumbbell that they are playing around with. It had a thin handle, and I decided to give it a try. I lifted it with EASE. I figured it weighed, oh, about 150 pounds.

When Vic Boff announced that the ACTUAL weight was 230 pounds :ohmy .... I nearly fell off my seat! I know I can handle 172 pounds, but how much will this help me with the Inch? :huh I want to be able to DOMINATE this weight - but it's the GRIP part I'm worried about. :erm

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Syber,i don't think there is much tranference between small DB's and the INCH. :erm

However,i think getting used to HEAVY-small handled dumbells - in as many angles as possible should indirectly help...as long as one has the GRIP to hold on to the INCH or the Millenium.

We do heavy shrugs with DB's-it's our last exercise for traps - as the 187.5's aren't really all that heavy for that movement.And we do heavy one DB arm rows...which might indirectly help break the Thick handled DB's off the floor?If they don't help?well we do em anyway.The idea is hheavy DB's in each hand or in the case of 1 arm DB rows 1 HEaVY DB while useing the lats and bis.....full range of motion.

We also throw in some HEAVY HAMMER STRENGTH Back stuff too...the Iso Lateral machines can be loaded up to 7 or 8 or even 9 plates PER side....nope..it's not a dumbell but it's ONE side of the body pulling independently...can't hurt?

(don't worry we do our regular deads-trap bar-power cleans -romanian deads-partial deads too but the HAMMER stuff is one arm at a time and serious OVERLOAD..nice isolateral or independant motion?!)

We just built a 180 ,non revolving,2 3/8", DB.But nobody(i hope :inno !!)will be doing bent over 1 arm rows with that one anytime soon......

BTW-We are not experts but we have a feeling it's gonna help us..and it seems to make some sense?

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