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Claw Curl


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I recived my Claw Curl yesterday. It was a gift so I didn't choose it but it is great. I am sure you can do finger curls in many alternative manners, however I've tried with my eagle loops and raw and these are superior. My fingers were extremley tired all day, and my forearms flexors ache in a different way then they have through other grip training. I say its twenty bucks and well worth it.

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I think the main difference is based on the dynamics of the movement itself. The rim lift is a good lift but is mainly an isometric action, the claw curl gives a tremendous amount of stetch in the finger flexor tendons as well as being a dynamic concentric/ecentric action. As a matter of fact about 3 inches further down my arm from my wrist is visably swollen from this movement.

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What kindof material is it made out of? Looks like a piece of spandex ;)

Hmm...might have to put it on the post christmas list, along with Brookfield's new book.


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Tell more. Are you still pleased? How do you feel this will help you?

Do you think it will only apply to fingers? Can you train the last two fingers by themselves with this? (pinkie and ring finger)


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I am still very please w/ them. I think the lift that they with have the most transfer to is wrist curls, while the claw curl is executed without flexion of the wrist it still strengthens the tendons of the finger flexors located up the arm from the wrist. While there are better ways to train for crushing I think that the extra finger strength will be benefical. You can train any fingers you like but thumb, I feel that bringing the pinkie and little finger closer to the strength of the others may be a key in the fininsh of a crush. Martial artist especially who use strikes with the four fingers in a simillar postion would be wise to implement them as well.

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