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Thick Bar, Thick Dumbbell, Pinching for thumb strength and I'd say the #1 thing would be just constant rolling for practice with friends.

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if you do thick bar training, i'd recommend doing it while the bar is wet or slick, this way it's more like a sweaty wrist or ankle and harder to grip like a sweat body would be

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I'm helping a law-enforcement officer improve exactly what you're asking about. I've had him doing what I call Ring & Pinky Vbar Drags. Simply grab the top of a 2" vbar (I've had him using a 2 and 3/8" PVC sleeve that was converted to a vbar setup) with your ring & pinky fingers being the only ones (with the thumb of course) on the bar. The middle and index fingers hang off the edge and it's actually not that awkward in feel when you get a few minutes of practice with it.

You can put a light weight on the vbar and just drag it around in the garage.

Or you can use some other ideas I wrote for a law-enforcement magazine. One of those is great and is pretty cheap to buy the equipment to train it. You'll notice a dramatic improvement in your ability to hold onto a wrist in a few months of focused training on this one. It's a ring & pinky vbar-type exercise but it's set up far differently than the first exercise.

Buy a 1 foot section of 2 and 3/8" outside diameter PVC. Drill a 1/2" diameter hole through the middle (both sides). Now you have a hole to put a resistance band/tubing through and give you some resistance for the exercise. You can use different methods of attaching the resistance tubing to a sturdy upright bar or post in your training area. You can even attach it to a tree - which is what I did to show the guy I helped with it - and that will be sure to get the neighbors to think you're batshit crazy.

Grab one end of the PVC bar with your ring & pinky only. Thumb is wrapped around the PVC and opposing the fingers too of course. The PVC bar will be horizontal when you slowly start to walk away from the tree while exerting ever-increasing force against the bar with your ring & pinky & thumb. So it's like a vertical bar "feel" to it and the resistance band/tubing stretches and the resistance increases the farther from the tree you walk. Your grip will probably give out before the resistance band does. When that happens, the PVC handle will shoot out of your hand towards whatever it's anchored to.

Progression is simple and there are a few ways to go about it. You can use more looped resistance tubing to make it more resistance right from the start. If you are broke and only have one resistance band you can just do timed holds with the band stretched as far as it safely can go.

You could also do all of your levering with only the ring & pinky and that would most likely help.

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