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Wich Bar To Use To Train My Kink?


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I should be trying to bring down the gap betwen my strong (kink-sweep) and weak point (crush) but my plan its to improve my Kink ...

This month i picked one 7" edgin(triangule) (wobbled from my previous workout) and i put it to 90 deg ... next training picked one new 7" edgin (triangule) and put it to 115 deg ... just to give one idea how it happend : the kink and sweep were very hard , had to work 30 mn on it!(both times) ..each hit moved a little bit , some didnt make any damage...lol...:-)

i was thinking about to cut one 7" edgin to 6.5" and do some ISO's ... maybe 6" edgin?

My idea its to use one bar i can wobble(or even less) after 30 mn ...thanks!

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Make your mind crazy enough to make it believe you can kink 9mm crs, of bigger!

A while ago (late 2008) I took a 5" G5 and just tried bending it, several training sessions; it went a single degree in total, but it did move.

If you go mental on a 6,5" Edgin you'll give up easier (in my case at least), because once it starts moving you'll feel happy that it did move, but you need to get angry at it, if the iso-bar doesn't move at all you need to unleash the beast!

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very good advice Luuc! Thanks!

(everything its good from u , thats the true!:-)

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Wish I could help you Hugo. I think maybe be on the uphill to gaining muscle and Make like a Mad Man and hit it with everything you got!!!!!!! Like your Life Depends on it !!!!

Good Luck Hugo. Make sure you are warmed up, and on the way to being cooled down :)

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Thanks Mike!

today i picked the 6 " edgin("ty) but it was a big surprise: took it to 90 deg in 1-2 minutes. this should be the easier edgin available.

next i picked the 3/8"x6" "HKT" ...lovely! not sure if it moved:-)but i liked the felling a lot!

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