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But today I pinch lifted two, 25lb York Oly plates with both my left and right hands (left hand dominant) a good 28 or so times each. I've only really trained grippers so far as grip training goes but today I realized the true value of pinch lifting, my thumb and general forearms are really feeling it and I love it. I know two 25lb plates probably aren't a big deal to many of the folks around here but I was pretty happy with it. Once I can do the same thing with the 35lb plates I will post a a video since I doubt two 25's is even worth watching. Did the same with two hands using two 45lb plates and that was quite the personal challenge as well.

Anyhow, just thought I'd share. Thanks for reading. :rock

EDIT: that is supposed to say "done", not "dong". Hah :D

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Nice job man! It took me awhile to get 2 25's at first. It's a good place to start at if nothing else!

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Thanks guys, I woke up this morning with my forearms and especially my thumb really feeling the after effects. I love this stuff, the only thing that I don't like about training is that when you get this sore you have to take a break. Guess I'll do some KB swings today and some TGU's and skip anything big time grip related. I should have enough in me for swings and TGU's.

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