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Forearm Specialization

Guest Jayenforce

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Guest Jayenforce

I am getting ready to specialize on building my forearms. I would like to add an inch by the time spring rolls around. My forearms currently measure 13" (7" wrists) and I have never trained them directly for any length of time. What type of frequency is ideal for specialization? Also, what is the correct way to measure the forearms? (I measure mine by holding my arm straight out and clenching my fist. No gooseneck.)

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To compare measurements with those of the pioneers

in lifting and bodybuilding, the same method of taking

those measurements should be respected.

Here is how David p. Willoughby explained measuring the

wrist in April 1948 in Your Physique magazine:

"The girth of [the] wrist is measured with the tape directly

next to the base of the hand (that is, between the lower

end of the forearm bones and the hand), with the hand

held open, palm up, fingers extended, and the hand in line

with the forearm. The forearm is measured at the largest part

(near the elbow in thin persons, but lower on the forearm

when it is better developed), with the arm straight, wrist

straight, and the fist firmly clenched, palm up."

Of course, an additional inch can be added to forearm girth

by 'goosenecking the hand at a right angle to the forearm,

and then bringing the forearm to a right angle with the upper

arm. But to compare to Goerner and Apollon etc., we should use the method described by Willoughby.

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an inch by springtime? that's gonna be tough man. i'm tryin to beef mine up a little now too. don't know why, i should really be concentrating on getting them stronger. but i've found that wrist rollers and wrist curls are probably the best. do the wrist rollers standing on a bench and roll all the way up for some extra pain. :D

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