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Iska Creative Breaking -worlds

Tom of Iowa2

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Was doing homework last night.Had TV on-no sound.

ISKA creative breaking world championship came on.Turned the sound back on :D

They did more hand strength related stuff then last year!I think a lot of you guys would enjoy it.Entertaining show...

The Pumphrey brothers from Indiana(anybody know these guys?)put on a good show.Craig pumphrey,6'3",245 started out by rolling up a frying pan,broke a baseball bat with strength(not a strike),ripped a phone book.He also broke bricks and boards(i believe)and did some normal stuff.

His brother,Paul,6'3" 286#,looked like a strongman or an NFL defensive end.He bent a big steel rod while stabilizing it in his mouth.Broke a bat.But to me -most impressive he ran straight at about 20 siding bricks,full speed,threw a forearms and just destoyed them with the force of his forearm(again arm/hand related??? :inno ..just trying to keep it relevant to the grip page)

A small gentleman-was 5'5 about 150lbs?ripped a license plate in half as part of his routine.

EltonTrower...i brought him up before.Did some straight on breaks with is fingertips.Put his fingers between bricks or cinderblocks and a guy broke the blocks with a sledge.

Thick fingers.The commentator said he's examined the guys hands and because of the conditioning (after 30 years)all the fingers were now the same length.Including the pinkie.his finale was putting one finger through an empty coke can,it appeared to move less than 1/2 inch.Very impressive too me anyway> :unsure

I bring all this up because this year they incorporated MORE gri or hand related strength than before and apparently it was well received by the audience and the judges...which is good for the "grip business' :inno such as it is.

Would be nice to have a HUGE sponsor like Paul Mitchell....any of you guys use a lot of hair care

products.....? :kiss Any pretty boys on here...?

Watch you TV guide for the show....FOR NOW and besides some events at WSM its the closest thing to a grip show there is(on TV) :yikes

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I also saw that program a few months ago!

it was very impressive i thought!

the thing that realy got my attention was that little guy ripping that licence plate in half :yikes

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